Q: How do I submit a ticket to Help Desk?

A: There are two ways to submit ticket. You can call (410) 337-6322 or you can send an email to

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Go to and enter your username, birth date, and the last 5-digits of your SSN. 

Q: There’s no volume playing from my laptop or instructor computer. I have made sure the volume is turned up on both the computer and AV system. What do I do?

A: Before calling the Classroom Emergency line, check the audio cable connected to the laptop/computer and make sure it is plugged in and secure. Check if the volume is muted on the computer. If using an AV system with an HDMI laptop connection, be sure that in sound preferences HDMI is selected as the source. If needed, please contact in advance to schedule a tutorial on how to perform this step.  

Q: My DVD will not play, the input is set to DVD but all I see is a blank screen, what do I do?

A: If this is a DVD/VCR player, press DVD/VCR button to make sure the player itself is set to the DVD input. If DVD player still will not play, use the CD drive on the computer and play the DVD by using the VLC player. Please send in a Help Desk Ticket after class for the equipment to be checked by a technician.

Q: My laptop does not have a VGA port, and I want to use it for a class presentation. What should I do?

A: If your laptop doesn’t have a VGA port, your laptop may have an HDMI or a Mini DisplayPort or both. If the room is equipped with an HDMI laptop connection, simply connect the HDMI cable to your HDMI port to display an image and play audio simultaneously from your laptop. If the room only has a VGA laptop connection you must provide your own adapter in order to use the VGA laptop connection cable. 

Q: Can you help me set up a videoconference?

A: Please read the tutorial located on the above menu bar titled “Using Zoom or MS Teams for Video Conferencing.” If you still have questions after reading the tutorial then you may submit a ticket to

Q: If I leave a voicemail on the classroom emergency line, how quickly will you receive it?

A: After you have completed your voicemail a notification is created and sent out to the On Call Classroom Emergency Team email. Once a technician has received the email they will be dispatched to the classroom. If there is no tech available you will receive a call or an email from a supervisor during normal business hours.

Q: How do I play a multi-region DVD?

A: To play a multi-region DVD use the classroom PC, right-click and open with VLC player.

Q: Can you fix my laptop?

A: Information Technology is not authorized to address problems on personal technology, but can provide a list of local facilities where you can take your computer for service.

Q: How do I send a job the printer in a lab from my laptop?

A: lets you print from your laptop. If you’d like guided instructions go to: