Van Meter

  • Any room containing an HDMI Connection has an adapter ring at its lectern which contains the following adapters: USB-C, Lightning (iPad & iPhone), Mini HDMI, Display Port, & Mini Display Port.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). These rooms require the user to bring their own laptop in order to project an image and play sound. Check corresponding column to see what cables will be provided for use.
Room NameCapacityStyleClassificationInstalled ComputerBYODTechnology FeaturesUser Instructions
Room 10126SeminarClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Projection Surface Whiteboard, WebcamVM 101
Room 10220SeminarClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Projection Surface Whiteboard. Meeting OWLVM 102
Room 10320SeminarClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Projection Surface WhiteboardVM 103
Room 20120Computer LabClassroomPCCables provided (HDMI)Projection System, Instructor PC, Document Camera, Annotator/Digital Whiteboard, 20 PC Lab ComputersVM 201, VM 201 Annotator
Room 20730ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector SystemVM 207
Room 20948ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector SystemVM 209
Room 21336ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector SystemVM 213
Digital Arts Center VM B1215Computer LabLabiMacCables provided (HDMI, VGA), WebcamProjector System, Whiteboards, BluRay playerDAC
Room G0124SeminarClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Whiteboard, WebcamVM G01
Room G0224SeminarClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Whiteboard, WebcamVM G02
Room G0522ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Whiteboard, WebcamVM G05
Room G0743ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Blu-ray Player, WebcamVM G07
Room G1148ClassroomClassroomBYODCables provided (HDMI)Projector System, Chalkboard, Whiteboard, WebcamVM G11

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