Week 4 (2/19-2/23) Flipped Classrooms

Welcome to Week 4!

You have heard about flipped classrooms, and how they are starting to gain popularity in the academic world. Goucher professors and departments are starting to implement them as well. Want to learn more about them? Thinking of how it may work in your classroom? Check out “Flipping the Classroom,” by Cynthia J. Brame, the Center for Teaching Assistant Director at Vanderbilt University. In this article, she details what a flipped classroom is and talks about its success.



What’s New at CAST? Week 3 Updates!

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day Week!! We have updated our Upcoming Events for the month of February. We have a couple Lunch and Learn sessions as well as a great Digital Arts Workshop on Adobe Premier! Click here for all the details!

*Looking for past workshop info and resources? Click here!

*We are building our Scholarship Tips section. Over the coming weeks, we will have articles, tips and help for all those furthering their scholarly pursuits. If there is anything in particular you want to see, please email us at cast@goucher.edu.

*New to the CAST site is our Discipline Specific Teaching Guides. We are working to add more disciplines, so check back often.

We are always taking feedback, so if you have any suggestions, fill out the feedback and suggestions form, or shoot us an email at cast@goucher.edu!

Week 2 (2/5-2/9) Dealing With Behavioral Issues

We are closing in finishing Week 2 of Spring 2018. By now, I hope everyone is settling into their classes and ready to power through the next few months. The topic we are focusing on today is dealing with behavioral issues in the classroom.  As the semester goes on, you get to know everyone’s personalities. Do you have students more focused on their electronics than paying attention to the lectures and discussions going on in the classroom? Do you have students who may be confrontational or disrupt the flow of the classroom? Billie Hera, a lecturer in English at the University of Texas, presents a ProfHacker series on disruptive students. In this article, Hera speaks on a few different categories:

The Entitled Student

-The Chatty Student

-The Bullies

The Disrespecters

(want to read the entire series? click here)

These discussions give scenarios and professors give their responses. How do you deal with some of these issues in the classroom? Feel free to comment below!

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us at cast@goucher.edu!

Welcome Back!!! Spring 2018 Semester is HERE!

Welcome back faculty!!!

As we embark on our Spring 2018 semester, we have some CAST updates and news to share with you!

Every week, we will be highlighting topics important to you and the Goucher community. If there are any topics you would like to see represented, please shoot us an email at cast@goucher.edu!

Week 1 (1/29-2/2): Community Building

The theme of the Spring 2018 semester is Community! So what better way to kick off our weekly articles than talking about community building in the classroom!

In The Distracted Classroom: Transparency, Autonomy and Pedagogy, James Lang discusses how he employed an unconventional tool to improve class participation and build an environment where students would actively learn and do away with the distraction of cell phones and laptops.

Need some Icebreakers? CAST Director Robin Cresiski has put together a list of effective icebreakers that will get class participation started off on the right foot for Spring 2018!

Browse our Inclusive Teaching section for more community building tips for your classroom!

January 2018 Workshops!

Spring 2018 is approaching fast! There are a few up coming forums and workshops that you may be interested in. The link to RSVP for each will be right under each description.

Tuesday January 23rd and Wednesday January 24th, Faculty Forum

Faculty Forum on January 23 and 24th. More details about the forum will be forthcoming soon.

Please RSVP to workshops and the Faculty Forum here.

Wednesday January 17th,  Making the Most of Your Community-Based Learning Experience

2:30-4pm in CAST (JR G40)

Presenters: Cass Freedland and Lindsay Johnson

Who should attend: Anyone thinking about or planning a CBL component for their Spring 2018 course

Workshop description: Incorporating community-based learning experiences into your classroom can take many forms, from one-time field trips to working at a partnering site within the community on a weekly or monthly basis. Making the most of these engagements will require planning: What are your learning outcomes? How are these experiences integrated into your classroom content? In what ways are you asking students to reflect? How can you be mindful of deficit-based language in the classroom and in reflections? How will you get to your site?  Join us in thinking through the nuts and bolts of your community-based learning experiences, and learning how the Office of Community-Based Learning can support you. RSVP to workshops and the Faculty Forum here.

Friday January 19th, Gearing Up for Group Work

3:30-5pm in CAST, JR G 40

Presenters: Robin Cresiski and Michael Curry

Who should attend: CPE instructors and any other faculty planning to use a group project/group work

Workshop description: Let’s get together and discuss a few best practices for setting up our group work this semester. How do we get students to engage meaningfully in what it means to do group work? What exercises facilitate this process? How do we maximize team autonomy and learning in a team while minimizing student complaints/requests for faculty intervention? RSVP to workshops and the Faculty Forum here.

Thursday January 25th, Adding a Beginner Level Video Project to Your Course

2:30-4pm in VM B12 (Digital Arts Classroom)

Presenter: Johnathan Baker, new Digital Arts Specialist at Goucher College

Description:  The first part of this hands-on workshop will introduce the most basic use of video in a class project, such as importing a short movie created on a smartphone and doing rudimentary editing in iMovie. Afterwards, Johnathan will provide an introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro, a more robust video editing software, as well as ideas for assignments and learning outcomes. This will be followed with an advanced session for those who may be already familiar with video editing and want to dig a little deeper, or depending on participants, . This workshop aims to get anyone up and running with video editing, and will cover the basics of file management, importing, editing, color, audio, and exporting the final video. RSVP to workshops and the Faculty Forum here.

If you have any questions, contact cast@goucher.edu or call 410-337-6128


Faculty, Students and Staff!!! Summer is over and we are charging forth into the 2017-2018 school year.  Welcome to the class of 2021 and welcome back to all returning students, faculty and staff.  There have been a wealth of wonderful changes going on at Goucher. We have physically moved residence halls, implemented a new curriculum, have changed to Canvas, among other things. Through it all, The Center for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching (CAST) is here to help make the transition a smooth one for faculty.

Staff and Students, don’t feel left out. You too play an integral role in many of these changes. We are looking to hear from all of you! If you have suggestions, questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us.