Post: Welcome Back!!! Spring 2018 Semester is HERE!

Welcome back faculty!!!

As we embark on our Spring 2018 semester, we have some CAST updates and news to share with you!

Every week, we will be highlighting topics important to you and the Goucher community. If there are any topics you would like to see represented, please shoot us an email at!

Week 1 (1/29-2/2): Community Building

The theme of the Spring 2018 semester is Community! So what better way to kick off our weekly articles than talking about community building in the classroom!

In The Distracted Classroom: Transparency, Autonomy and Pedagogy, James Lang discusses how he employed an unconventional tool to improve class participation and build an environment where students would actively learn and do away with the distraction of cell phones and laptops.

Need some Icebreakers? CAST Director Robin Cresiski has put together a list of effective icebreakers that will get class participation started off on the right foot for Spring 2018!

Browse our Inclusive Teaching section for more community building tips for your classroom!