How is Workday related to the institution’s strategic plan?

Workday is currently the primary focus of the strategic plan. As the College continues to improve technology and business process across campus, Workday is a critical component to meeting the institution’s mission and goals. Learn more about the purpose and goals here .


What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based ERP system for HR, Finance, Planning and Student Services. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and refers to business process management software (in our case, examples are Oracle).

Workday will be the new tool the University uses to store and organize information and data so that we can conduct business–that’s everything from paying bills and registering for courses to tracking leave and reporting. Workday is a modern, integrated system that will help us do our work quickly and efficiently.


What will Workday deliver to the College?

Workday will offer many benefits to the College including:

  • Simplifying complex, paper-based procedures into one solution
  • Improving data visibility, reliability, & usefulness
  • Providing easy to use modern technology

Ultimately, Workday will create a better experience for staff, faculty and students. Workday also addresses concerns that emerged from the staff survey. Updating our systems and processes will help alleviate inefficiencies, increase job satisfaction, and allow employees to spend more of their time on work that advances the mission of the College and is, therefore, more meaningful and satisfying.


How is Workday configured?

Alchemy, a Workday Service Provider, will partner with the College to design, configure, test and deploy Workday HCM, Financials and Payroll. The Workday Project Team is actively working to design and configure Workday to fit the University’s needs. Our administrators and staff are participating in daily meetings to understand and shape Workday practices.


When will I understand how Workday changes how I perform my role and daily operations?

Beginning in Summer 2022, the Workday project teams will have more details for how staff, faculty and students will be impacted. As we get closer to Spring, we will share demos of Workday. This will prepare you for the Workday training scheduled for Late Fall/Winter 2022. Our Change Agent Network will also help share details as they learn new information about Workday.


What is a Change Agent Network (CAN)?

The CAN is a group of individuals that will share information about Workday to their colleagues whilst representing their needs and concerns. These representatives across campus are invited to monthly meetings. In these monthly meetings, the CAN will learn about changes relevant to staff, faculty and students. They will also provide feedback on how to best support and communicate with colleagues about Workday.

We recommend that you reach out to them directly if you have questions about Workday. They will be prepared to share information and connect you to relevant resources, faculty and students with Workday HCM, FINS and Payroll.


What should I know about training? When will I be trained?

Training for Workday is a very high priority and we are currently refining our training programs and plan for introducing Workday to campus. As we get closer to Fall/Winter 2022, staff and faculty will be trained on how to use Workday. The trainings will provide you with a real-world experience of how to effectively use Workday and you will have access to training materials and workshops as we get closer to Workday go-live. We will communicate often about these trainings once we get closer to Fall 2022.


What will users be able to do in Workday?

Users across campus are impacted in different ways. One of the main benefits to Workday is that information will be more secure, easier to access and some processes, like reimbursements, will move more quickly. Here are some of the actions you will be able to perform in Workday:

  • View and update personal employee data including compensation and benefits packages
  • Update banking information and view pay stub
  • Manage time off work (e.g., vacation, sabbatical, FMLA)
  • Submit time in/time out for daily work
  • Submit and approve expense reports
  • Manage procurement and supplier requests
  • Manage new hire process from recruiting to onboarding
  • Document and manage goal-setting, mid-term reviews, and performance reviews
  • Use mobile app (offered but not required) to quickly manage processes (e.g., create expense reports, submit time off, and update personal information)


Who is impacted by Workday at Goucher College?

Casual workers, staff, student workers, and faculty will use Workday in some capacity, though the extent to which an individual uses Workday will vary. One of the main benefits is that information will be more secure, easier to access, and some processes, like reimbursements, will move more quickly.


When can I expect to use Workday?

We are currently on track to make Workday available to users beginning in January 2023. We plan to keep users informed about project progress through regular updates on the website, the engagement sessions, and occasional emails. We will begin offering training materials for users that will be impacted by Workday starting in late Fall 2022 through January 2023. We will also provide a plan for post go-live support and ongoing training.


How will users be trained on Workday?

Staff and faculty will have opportunities to participate in training and view recorded demos beginning in November 2022. Supportive training materials including Quick Reference Guides will be available once Workday is live.

Can employees update their personal information in Workday?

Yes, employees can view and easily update their personal information in Workday at any time, including phone numbers, address, emergency contacts and bank account information.


How are student workers and their supervisors impacted by Workday?

Students who submit hourly time and request time off will access Workday. Managers of students will approve students’ time and leave as established by Goucher College policies. Students will view their personal information in Workday including their paystub. Students and their managers will be supported with training.


How will security and privacy be managed in Workday?

Workday information is secure and private. Access to data is based upon Workday roles assigned in the system. For example, hiring managers are able to manage recruiting and hiring tasks inside Workday.


How will I be notified when actions need to be performed in Workday?

Workday functionality includes a personal inbox where notifications are received. Workday will notify users through an email that they have a pending task to complete in Workday. Thus, users will not have to log into Workday daily to check if they have a task in their Workday inbox.


At what point can employees update their  benefits? 

Enrollment periods will remain the same, but employees will be able to easily update and manage their benefits through Workday and will no longer need to fill out paper forms and submit them to HR. Employees will also see their entire compensation and benefits package.


How do employees request and manage vacation time?

All non-exempt and exempt employees can view their available time balances and log their vacation days and floating holidays in Workday. (If vacation time is not available, Workday will not allow employees to request time off.) Managers can deny or approve employees’ requests for time off in Workday.


How and when can I update my direct deposit for payroll?

If you currently use direct deposit, the same banking information will be transferred into Workday. You will be able to easily review or update your current direct deposit using the ‘Update Payment Elections’ once Workday is live.


Will my pay stub look different? Will I recognize the pay codes and structure?

Your pay stub may look a little different, but all the information will remain the same, including the federal tax codes.


Will the deadlines and timelines (e.g., pay periods) for pay remain the same? Are there cutoffs that I should be aware of?

Payroll periods  and deadlines will remain the same.


How are expense reports submitted in Workday?

Expense reports are created and managed in Workday. The employee creates a report, indicates the business purpose, attaches a photo of the receipt, and includes a brief description. The expense report is sent electronically to the manager for approval. The new process will significantly reduce the time it takes for reimbursements.