Workday is an enterprise software solution that will replace a number of Goucher’s administrative applications, including finance, human resources, payroll, and budget planning and reporting. 

What is Workday?

Workday is a system that will allow Goucher to recruit new employees, store employee records, process hiring and benefits information and run payroll and all our critical accounting and business affairs processes. Unlike PowerCampus, Great Plains, Ultipro, and Interview Exchange, Workday is a single, unified, modern, secure and mobile-ready system that will replace these disparate systems and provide a single interface to support all of these different business functions.  These will soon be available in one place on the web and via mobile app. 

Over the past four years, Goucher has been evaluating alternatives to run our Human Resources, Finance and Payroll business processes. Goucher has selected Workday as its next generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system).

Why is Goucher moving away from PowerCampus, Great Plains, and Ultipro?

Using a mix of different systems has become high-risk for the College. The technology is dated, difficult to change and integrate with, and does not provide sustainable value for Goucher. It requires a lot of maintenance and resources (time and money) to maintain stability, and continues to increase in complexity and cost but not in delivered value. The vendors have provided few updates to these solutions and some will reach end of life in the next several years.  It has become increasingly difficulty to use the data stored in these systems to support decision making in an efficient way.  

As needs across campus have grown to keep track of and access more information about constituents and to increase operational efficiencies, our current systems have not kept up. The lack of built-in modern security measures in these systems is a risk to Goucher, and the vendor is slow to respond to new security threats as they arise. 

By contrast, Workday is a modern, mobile-ready, stable and secure infrastructure that gives individuals easier, self-service access to information. It ensures business process consistency and data integrity. Workday builds business intelligence (advanced data analytics) into the reporting interface. And it eliminates the use of multiple systems to accomplish our core business functions. The Goucher Workday initiative strives to be best in class with our software systems, maintaining our high standards of quality for our students, faculty, and staff. 

Benefits of Workday

When will the change to Workday happen?

We are launching the Workday @ Goucher project in January, 2022.  Goucher will be working with an implementation partner, Alchemy, that focuses exclusively on Workday in Higher Education.  We are currently organizing the work teams and supporting committees that will help implement Workday at Goucher.  Phase I of Workday for Goucher will be available after January 1, 2023.

Project Timeline

How will Workday impact us on a daily basis?

The new Workday system will have greatest impact on Goucher staff working in the areas of Human Resources, Finance and Payroll who will gain improvements in abilities to process and access data for the Goucher community. For student workers, staff and faculty it will provide easy access to all your Goucher employee information. For Center Directors, faculty chairs, and administrative staff Workday will provide greatly enhanced access to budget information, expenditures, and available funds. For budget officers, Workday will offer new and advanced reporting features and data analysis opportunities. When implemented in a few more years, the Workday Student platform will offer new capacities for course enrollment, student advising, financial aid, and student access to personal data.

How will we learn to use Workday?

In the coming months there will be more information about Workday and its features. We will also be providing various opportunities and routes for training – in-person, online videos, tip-sheets and Q&A – before AND after Workday goes live.

More Information

Explore the links on this website for more information, including the latest updates. For additional questions, check the FAQ or submit your question