Welcome to the Memory Research Lab at Goucher!

The scientific study of human memory is part of a larger subfield of Psychology called Cognitive Psychology. Cognitive Psychologists are interested in how the mind processes information. Memory researchers specifically study memory processes (e.g.,  encoding, or getting information INTO memory; storage, or holding information IN memory; and retrieval, or getting information OUT of memory) and memory systems (e.g., short-term vs. long-term memory; explicit vs. implicit memory).

The research in our lab focuses on topics in human memory, including:

  • Strategies for memory improvement
  • Metacognition/Metamemory (or what you know about your own memory)
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, specifically instructional methods in Psychology
  • Human memory systems, primarily short-term and working memory

If you are interested in learning more about our research, or how to apply to join the research team, please email jennifer.mccabe@goucher.edu.