Goucher Workshop Sampler

Goucher College’s Creative Writing Program contains an enriching curriculum of creative writing workshops. The hyperlinks below lead to representative students’ work from these workshops.

“Smoking Pavement” by Tess Landon

“Seabed” by Rachel Leeds

“Prettyboy” by Zach Levinson

“Static, Rumble, Jazz” by Madison Mattison

“Purple Mountains” by Joanna Sandy

“Diseased Vehicles” by Matthew Savin

“Prompting” by Josiah Acosta-Ballard

“He Drew Stained Glass on My Skin” by Charlotte Willis

“Outside Eden” by Micaela Beigel

“The Waterbearer” by Avery McCorkle

“The Dream of Elyas” by Kenza Elghaib

“Absolute Green” by Madeline St. Clair

“Hulk” by Nia Vargus

“Fireflies” by Anna Young

“The Corn Tree” by Julian Fernandez

“Me and Graves” by Swade Best

“Spencer Goes to Church” by Brendan Jines

“Cross-Play” by Phoebe Yeoh

“Barbed Wire” by Zach Shea

“Sprache der Wolken” by Gwen Moiles

“Final Bows” by Dorie Chevlen

“Love Story” by Cyndi Koster

“Sunflower” by Hannah Moloney

“Benthic Zones” by Alexandra Kessler

“You Are Your Very Own Very Unique Snowflake” by Sally Anne Clegg

“One Who Lives Chastely in the Presence of Temptation” by Gregory Baer

“The Way It Is” by Boo Geisse

“Taxonomy” by Julie Steinbacher

“Little Song” by Luke Albao

“Okay” by Timothy Quinlan

“An Ass Out of You and Me” by Tim King

“Strange Appearances” by Leah Hoffman

“What I Told Jimmo”by Andy Madison

“Valencia, Land of Oranges” by Rachel Bernstein

“Cynthesis” by Eric Oster

“Underfoot” by Allison McCarthy

“How I Met My Zombie Boyfriend” by Kaitlyn Miller

 “Lola Wants” by Simone Martell

“Pure Inspiration” by Molly Cincotta

“Kiss Me Here” by Hannah Badalova

“Fake It Til You Make It” by Jessica Dunn

“Amo Este Pais” by Mariah Healey

“Sinking Poetry” by Dan Bornstein

“Scorpion” by Stephen Orloske

“Indian Girls in Miniskirts” by Ryan Hereford

“Smoke and Diamonds, Diamonds and Smoke” by Katelyn Dix

“Mary Star of the Sea” by Matt Ashby

“title tk” by Bryan Bieniek

 “Saves Nine” by Helen McLaughlin

“Chuck and Judy” by Nate Gach

“The Soothsayer” by Greg Wolff

“The Train” by Rebecca Sobel

“Shelter” by Michelle Ruddle

“Catted Ear Street” by Jared Fischer

“Carry On” by Jennifer Fortin

“In Ecstasy” by Margaux Lloyd

Excerpt from “How I Became A Fisherman Named Pete” by David Spencer

“Gray” by David Robinson

“Yard Sale” by Kathleen McGill

“A Matter of Time” by Caitlin Corrigan

“Tattoo” by Shauna Kelley

“Animal Crackers” by L.E. Zupko

“Transient” by Rachel Loeper

“The Fishbowl” by Hannah Letherbury

“Diz Lives” by Andrew Ervin

“Inventing Saigon” by Jason Leahey

“Little Red” by Gilmore Tamny

“I Have Had Enough” by Emma Ruthloff

“Good Karma Soup” by Ken Harris

“Saint George Finally Meets His Match” by Andrej Krasnansky

“In the Time It Takes for the Smoke to Clear” by Katherine Owen

“Autumn Rhythm” by Sarajane Snyder

“Little Sleep Song” by Angela Regas

“Grandmother on the Bus” by Nicole Barnabee

“Tidepool” by A.C. Evans

“Aboard” by Sharae Deckard

“Anonymous” by Jenna Lynn Pearson

Excerpts from “The Lou Douglas Network” by Todd Jackson

“Fair” by J. Bowers

“So What?” by Theo Gangi

Excerpts from “Killing the Good Girl” by Christine Steward

“Black Light” by Sheila Kelly Green

“Necessary Madness: Chapter 3” by Jenn Crowell

“I Don’t Even Care If I’m Dirty Any More” by Lesley Ann Wernsdorfer

“The Difference Between Us” by Jeanette Lareau

“Thirty-two Flavors” by Eve Ellis

“Ophelius and Hamlette” by Francesca Jandasek

“Pavel the Centipede” by Francesca Jandasek

“Dog Lover” by Bethalee Jones

“Match” by Jeremy Louis Clark Jones

“Pins and Needles” by Jeanette Lareau

“A Million Moss-Green Shards” by Jonathan Lasser

“Finding Trevor” by Jessica Monhollen

Uproot” by Sarah Pinsker

“Steel Moon” by Christine Warner

“Third Story” by Sara Yamaka

“Perpetual Check” by Samara Kanegis

“Her Way” by Amanda Marshall

“Asterisms” by Heidi Vornbrook Roosa

“A Note in a Bottle” by Dawid Crouch

The September 11th Portfolio

The following three short stories comprise the September 11th Portfolio. The events of September 11, 2001 inspired (directly or indirectly) a good deal of fiction by Goucher writers.  A short selection of these works follows.  “Fall on Me” will be posted for a limited period: from September 11 to September 16.

“Radiation” by Kathleen McGill

“Evening News” by Skyler Breeden

“A Call To Action”by Zachary Crabtree