Use the following form to request a Zoom Webinar or Large Meeting for up to 500 users. (If you need help promoting this event, please use this form also and check the option for Event Promotion.)

Here are some basic differences between the 2 formats:


  • If you want attendees to be silent spectators, who can’t turn on their cameras or mics.
  • To use Q&A feature


  • To see all participants — anyone can turn on their cameras and mics.
  • To use breakout rooms

For more info and other differences, read this.

Zoom Webinar or Meeting Request
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Our licence allows up to 500 users with a Zoom Webinar or Large Meeting. Please follow up with us if you need more, or if you want to stream to YouTube or Facebook as well.
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Please note: The Host is the technical contact responsible for starting and running the show, and will likely be hidden from view. The Moderator and Panelists will likely be visible speakers.
Enter email address(es) for one or more people with the ability to start, stop, and control the webinar or meeting. This person or people will be the technical backup if we have any problems. Or if you don't need us to host this event, this will be the technical lead.


Enter the people who should be seen and heard in the Zoom webinar. Panelists can also turn off their cameras and microphones if they want to stay behind the scenes and or discuss with other panelists before broadcasting, or us the chat to communicate with them during the show.
Do you want panelists to be able to share their screen? *
Do you want to use the Q&A feature? *
The Question and Answer option is only available in a Webinar, not in a Meeting.
If needed, who will be reading questions from the Q&A panel, chat, or calling on participants with questions? (This can be a host, co-host, panelist, or participant.)
Do you want attendees to be able to raise their hands? *
Do you want attendees to be able to speak with their microphones at any point, if requested or called on? *
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For any questions about the event or registration
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Do you want to use breakout rooms for this event?
This feature is only available with Zoom Meetings
Indicate how many rooms, or how many people per room, if randomly or manually assigned, when to launch, and any other details.
Maximum upload size: 10.24MB
If you have a title slide or PowerPoint presentation that you'd like to include, please upload it here. If your file is larger than 10mb, please include a link to a shared file in Box using the field below.
If you need anything else like annotations, whiteboard, or the option to stream to Facebook or YouTube please enter that info here.