Where will the Model Senate conference be held?

It will be held on Goucher College campus in Towson, Maryland.

When will the Model Senate conference be taking place?

Friday, February 21, 2020.

When does registration open?

It is currently open and will close on Friday, January 31, 2020.

Is Goucher College accessible by public transportation?

Yes, the #3, #11, #48 and #55 buses go to the Towson Town Center located right across the street from campus, and the #12 bus has a bus stop located next to campus.

Will lunch be included?

A pizza lunch will be included.

Are teachers allowed to accompany the students?

Teachers are not required to accompany students but most do spend the day with us and they are welcome to do so.

What if my student can’t afford the registration fee?

Send us an email, we have limited scholarships available.

Do you have to be a Maryland high school student to participate?

No, we expect some students in schools nearby in Pennsylvania or DC may be interested and we encourage all students to participate.

Why should your students participate?

High school students are approaching the voting age, and this program inspires them to become more informed citizens. The program contributes to a hands-on reinforcement of what students are studying in their government classes, and it serves as a great introduction to how Congress works.

What do students need to do to prepare for Model Senate?

Students will receive their senator assignments the week before Model Senate.  We encourage them to look up their senators and learn something about them.  We will post legislation to the website in the weeks leading up to Model Senate in case students want to start to look it over.  However, students can successfully attend Model Senate with little to no preparation.  The program is designed to teach them through interactive sessions in the morning which allows them to engage in the simulation in the afternoon.  Goucher students are there to coach students at every stage.



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