Welcome to Child Development Lab!

We are interested in children’s sociocognitive development with a focus on how they represent and come to make sense of the world around them. We work with 4-10-year-olds and adults to examine their intuitive reasoning and conceptual change through development. How do they conceptualize some behaviors and events in their surroundings about which they have not been explicitly taught? Specifically, the two lines of research involve:

  • Understanding of concurrently having multiple states of mind (e.g. conflicting states of mind in moral reasoning
  • Subjective time perception (e.g., emotional influence on psychospatial perception of time)

Please contact me at katherine.choe@goucher.edu or (410) 337-6359 if you are interested in:

  • learning more about our research, or joining the research team, or
  • having your child participate in our short kid-friendly research