Go Live Date Adjustment

As you are aware, Goucher College is investing in WorkDay, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning system for HCM, Finance, Payroll and Planning to modernize critical business systems and streamline existing processes and support.

The go-live date for Phase I of the WorkDay Platform project has been moved to March 18, 2023 beginning with time entry, followed by HCM, Payroll, and Financial business processes being phased in through April 1,2023. This adjustment will ensure that impacted units are able to balance workloads with other priorities and are thoroughly prepared for the transition. The implementation team will continue to develop and share training resources, enhance system data, and ensure there is appropriate knowledge transfer for key business needs. A detailed go live plan will be shared closer to the March timeframe.

Through the continued effort of those involved in this project, we have recently completed customer confirmation sessions, initial testing, and continue to meet with the Change Action Network (CAN) to receive feedback on the project. These updates to our systems and processes will help alleviate inefficiencies, increase job satisfaction, and allow employees to spend more of their time on work that advances the mission of the College and is, therefore, more meaningful and satisfying.

Questions about this project can be entered directly from this section of the website.

Customer Readiness Survey Response Themes

Dear Colleagues, 

Thank you to the community members who completed the Change Readiness Assessment Survey in April. The purpose of the Change Readiness Assessment Survey was to collect candid feedback from faculty and staff about their prior experiences with change, communication, and training at Goucher College. Collecting this feedback is an important step in developing a successful change management strategy as we rollout the Workday Platform project which includes Financials, Payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM).  

We received a strong participation response to the survey (23% response rate). The following number of faculty and staff completed surveys: 

  • Faculty: 26
  • Staff & Administration: 71
  • TOTAL: 97 

There are several key themes that we have identified from the feedback. They are centered around communication, training, and technical support needs. Responses reflected that change strategies at Goucher can be improved by leveraging clearer project execution plans, encouraging transparent and inclusive communication channels, as well as providing ongoing purposeful training and technical support.  

In response to this feedback, the following strategies outlined below will be implemented throughout the Workday project phases to ensure that the Goucher community is engaged and supported as we navigate the changes ahead:   

Communication and Engagement 

  • Encourage ongoing and transparent communication and engagement between managers and direct reports about major changes and potential impacts to their work
  • Provide ongoing communication across the college through various channels, including:
  • Website updates 
  • Leadership walk-arounds
  • Project team and CAN group engagement sessions
  • Department meeting updates
  • Sneak-peaks
  • Email updates
  • Leverage the Change Agent Network (CAN) to foster a two-way communication and feedback loop between the community and the project team
  • The Project Team members will continue to conduct roadshows/sneak-peaks for the community stakeholders 

Training and Post Go-Live Technical Support 

  • Offer focused training sessions and contextualized support materials through various delivery methods to support knowledge transfer of new processes and technology in preparation for go-live
  • Socialize the overall training strategy so everyone is aware of opportunities and expectations for training
  • Provide post Go-Live technical support and on-going training opportunities

We welcome any other suggestions the community may have on how we can keep open lines of communication going throughout the Workday project implementation phases. Please feel free to submit your questions or feedback here. 

Thank you, 

The Workday Project Team  


Updates as of 4/26/2022

Recent Accomplishments

  • The Workday Platform Project Status is Green – on time and on budget.
  • The project team has met with every stakeholder group (Faculty, Students and Staff) to introduce the Workday Platform Project and answer questions.
  • To best prepare for the transformational opportunities ahead, we conducted a collegewide survey to collect candid thoughts about change, communication loops, and training preferences.
  • The Change Agent Network (CAN) group began its important work. The CAN is the primary vehicle for the Workday Platform project to receive input and feedback from Goucher stakeholders. CAN is a group comprised of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Student Pre-Planning & Alignment (PP&A) discussions have begun in anticipation of improvements related to the Student Information System.
  • We completed the Plan Phase and are currently in the Architect Phase.
  • The first Workday tenant (aka instance) has been created with the beginnings of real Goucher data.
  • Integrations work has begun and planning for testing has started.
  • Change Management is conducting a Stakeholder Analysis which will inform the communication and training needs of the community.

What’s Next:

  • Finalize Testing Strategy & Prepare Baseline Test Scenarios.
  • Complete Alignment Phase Homework to enhance the tenant’s data.
  • Continue Project Team Member Trainings
  • Finalize Communication Plan as informed by the CAN and Community input

Status Update as of 3/11/2022

Recent Accomplishments

  • 49 Discovery Sessions Completed
  • Change Management Team Meetings Begun
  • Financial Crosswalk of UKG/Great Plains to Workday Completed
  • Workday Training Scheduled For Project Team Members
  • First Project Risk Assessment Completed

Next Week

  • Data Workbooks Submitted to Alchemy
  • First Tenant Build Begins
  • Integration Meetings Begin
  • Training Continues
  • Alignment Sessions Scheduled

Everything is moving towards our first look at Goucher data inside of Workday by the end of March.

Discovery Sessions

Starting in early February, the Workday project kicked off five weeks of Discovery Sessions.  Alchemy, our implementation partner, used those sessions to meet with key users in Finance, HR, Payroll, and IT to document our current systems, identify pain points, and begin the process of mapping our data into Workday.  The impact on our schedules was huge!  From 2/8 through 3/11, over 49 different Discovery Sessions have been completed!


Welcome to Workday@Goucher

Welcome to the Workday@Goucher project website.  The purpose of this website is to provide the Goucher community with everything they need to know about how Goucher is implementing Workday to improve business processes in a number of our administrative offices.  Implementing an ERP is a key component of Goucher’s Strategic Plan and Workday was selected as Goucher’s next ERP solution.  Over the past four years, Information Technology has continued to evaluate ERP solutions in the Higher Education marketplace.  Only Workday has built a cloud-first solution which puts process improvement into the hands of those closest to the process, which will lead to an organization that can change and adapt more quickly and effectively.

In December of 2021, the Board of Trustees approved Phase I of the Workday@Goucher project which will focus on Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, and Adaptive Planning (Budgeting).  This website will provide you with details on how that implementation will be carried out, who is providing leadership, and the timeline for implementation.

One of our key goals is complete transparency.  We will continue to provide updates through this website and add content as it becomes available. We have also created an email address, workday@goucher.edu which you can use to submit questions to the Workday@Goucher leadership.

This is a great step forward for Goucher and we want you to come along with us as we take this step.