Project Governance

The Workday Platform project will be implemented through the work of a variety of teams, each with their own role and responsibilities.  The goal is for decisions and issues to be resolved by those with the most knowledge on the topic and most affected by the implications of those decisions.  When necessary, questions and issues can be escalated to another team within the project governance structure.

Workday Workteams

Workteams will focus on specific modules or set of related business processes within the Workday software.  Those teams will be comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs) from within the primary functional area and users with expertise or unique requirements that should be considered. Workteams will be comprised of both Goucher SMEs and Alchemy consultants.  The Workteams will be responsible for identifying requirements, making decisions about business processes and workflow, and configuring the Workday software to implement the requirements and configuration decisions.  Workteams will also be the primary users testing the configuration and verifying the results.  Workteams for Phase 1 and the Goucher lead are:

  • Core HCM Modules – Kristi Yowell
  • Payroll/Absence/Time Management – Noel Ward
  • Core Financials – Noel Ward
  • Revenue Financials – Noel Ward
  • Spend Financials – Noel Ward
  • Data Conversion – Rob Smith
  • Integrations – Tony Wilson
  • Reporting – Donna Lummis
  • Security – Rob Smith

Workday Steering Committee

The Workday Steering Committee provides oversight of the overall Workday project.  The committee is comprised of individuals that represent each of the functional business offices affected by the implementation and the Goucher project manager.  The Steering Committee will oversee all aspects of the project including the formation of Workteams, project communications, resolving questions and issues that are not resolved at the Workteam level, and escalating issues with Alchemy, the implementation partner.

The Steering Committee will be chaired by the Executive Sponsor for the project, Dave Valentine.  The Executive Sponsor will the primary connection to the Steering Cabinet and Board of Trustees to provide Workday status updates.  The Executive Sponsor will also be responsible for making final decisions when necessary and leveraging appropriate Committees as needed.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Co-Chair: Dave Valentine, CFO/VP for Finance and Administration
  • Rob Smith, AVP for Information Technology
  • Noel Ward, AVP for Finance/Controller
  • Kristi Yowell, AVP for Human Resources
  • Susan Kennedy, Senior Project Manager
  • Brendan Jones, Director of Academic Budget and Operations
  • Jonathan Lindsay, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Genevieve Cole, Registrar
  • Darlene Anderson, Associate Registrar
  • TBD, Budget and Finance Manager
  • TBD, Director of Student Financial Services

Change Agent Network (CAN)

The Change Agent Network (CAN) is the primary vehicle for the Workday Platform project to receive input and feedback from Goucher stakeholders.  CAN is a group comprises of faculty, staff, and students who may participate in the Workday implementation in numerous ways.  The members of the group will be asked to participate in the following ways:

  • Serve as a channel to provide input and guidance to the project to facilitate the alignment of Workday strategy with the College’s Strategic plan and augment the knowledge of the project team to guide the project more effectively
  • Provide expertise to ensure their stakeholder group’s needs are embodied in the system
  • Make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials
  • Support readiness for the future state of HR, Payroll and Financial related changes. This is achieved by informing their constituents through existing forums, such as faculty meetings, AEA meetings, SGA meetings
  • Solicit high-level directional input and questions from their constituents to Workteams or Steering Committee
  • Assist Workteams with evaluating alternatives, resolving questions, or collecting requirements
  • Participate in project activities, such as testing, if required

CAN Membership:

  • Dave Valentine, Chair – Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Finance and Administration, Finance
  • Andrea Preston – Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletics
  • Ramonda Fabian, Director, Events and Conference Services
  • Ann Duncan – Faculty Chair, Professor, Religion
  • Cathy Hartka – Work Management Coordinator, FMS
  • Chris Stewart – Executive Assistant to the President, Presidents Office
  • Chris Wild – Associate Director, Admissions
  • Elizabeth Ahearn – Professor, Dance
  • Emily Perl – Associate Vice President for Student Success, Enrollment Management
  • George Greco – Professor, Chemistry
  • Harry Bielas – Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Development
  • Isabel Moreno-Lopez – Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Professor
  • Janine Bowen Professor – Business Management
  • Michelle Hammond – Associate Vice President for the Library and Learning Commons, Library
  • Paige Pape – Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost, Academic Centers Office Assistants
  • Ronnie Bridges – Operations Assistant, Athletics
  • Shama Akhtar – Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Thomas Kelliher – Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science
  • William Harder – Director of Faculty Professional Development and Teaching Excellence, CAST