Customer Readiness Survey Response Themes

Dear Colleagues, 

Thank you to the community members who completed the Change Readiness Assessment Survey in April. The purpose of the Change Readiness Assessment Survey was to collect candid feedback from faculty and staff about their prior experiences with change, communication, and training at Goucher College. Collecting this feedback is an important step in developing a successful change management strategy as we rollout the Workday Platform project which includes Financials, Payroll and Human Capital Management (HCM).  

We received a strong participation response to the survey (23% response rate). The following number of faculty and staff completed surveys: 

  • Faculty: 26
  • Staff & Administration: 71
  • TOTAL: 97 

There are several key themes that we have identified from the feedback. They are centered around communication, training, and technical support needs. Responses reflected that change strategies at Goucher can be improved by leveraging clearer project execution plans, encouraging transparent and inclusive communication channels, as well as providing ongoing purposeful training and technical support.  

In response to this feedback, the following strategies outlined below will be implemented throughout the Workday project phases to ensure that the Goucher community is engaged and supported as we navigate the changes ahead:   

Communication and Engagement 

  • Encourage ongoing and transparent communication and engagement between managers and direct reports about major changes and potential impacts to their work
  • Provide ongoing communication across the college through various channels, including:
  • Website updates 
  • Leadership walk-arounds
  • Project team and CAN group engagement sessions
  • Department meeting updates
  • Sneak-peaks
  • Email updates
  • Leverage the Change Agent Network (CAN) to foster a two-way communication and feedback loop between the community and the project team
  • The Project Team members will continue to conduct roadshows/sneak-peaks for the community stakeholders 

Training and Post Go-Live Technical Support 

  • Offer focused training sessions and contextualized support materials through various delivery methods to support knowledge transfer of new processes and technology in preparation for go-live
  • Socialize the overall training strategy so everyone is aware of opportunities and expectations for training
  • Provide post Go-Live technical support and on-going training opportunities

We welcome any other suggestions the community may have on how we can keep open lines of communication going throughout the Workday project implementation phases. Please feel free to submit your questions or feedback here. 

Thank you, 

The Workday Project Team