Story Telling Theme Semester

The Power of Storytelling

For the Spring 2017 theme semester, Goucher College will explore the personal, the creative, and the academic dimensions of stories. Storytelling invites us to use our imaginations to bring meaning to our experiences or create entirely fictional experiences. Telling a story is a social act, an invitation for others to see the world from a different perspective. Through storytelling, we shape experiences, observations, and data into narrative, seeking to answer the big questions of existence or make sense of our everyday lives.

Stories have the power to connect us as human beings. They can promote self-discovery and healing, or allow voices that dwell on the margins to occupy the center. Stories can also be harmful, as when one story dominates and controls a historical narrative. Stories can confront, challenge, and disrupt, or delight and entertain.

Join us as we spend the semester creating, sharing, and hearing each other’s stories, including retelling, uncovering, and discovering various Goucher stories. Help us consider the role of storytelling as a foundational mode of human communication, across our curriculum and campus community. This semester will challenge, inspire, and empower.

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