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Alumni Spotlight

Young Alumni Spotlight: Wondemneh Pawlose ’19

Wonde Pawlose

Young Alumni Spotlight: Meet Wondemneh Pawlose ’19

In this Young Alumni Spotlight, we chat with Wondemneh about his favorite Goucher memories and how his Goucher experiences impact his work.

Do you mind sharing a favorite memory from your time at Goucher?

My favorite Goucher memory was my move-in day experience. As an international student, I had an early arrival. After settling into my new dorm room in Stimson, I wanted to look around campus. Fortunately, I was part of the Goucher pick-up soccer Facebook group and saw a post about a game happening that afternoon. Since I was new, I didn’t know where the field was or how to get there. When I asked for directions, President Bowen told me to stop by his residence, and we walked to the game together. I remember the excitement and how much a simple act eased my nerves and made me feel at home.

What was your major, and how did it prepare you for your career path after graduating?

I majored in international relations and minored in Arabic studies. One of the reasons I chose Goucher was this program, and it helped me expand my interest. I later decided to further my education in the field, and I couldn’t have done that without my experience at Goucher.

How did you stay connected to fellow Gophers after graduation?

I stayed in touch with many college friends after graduation. Social media makes it easier to connect with fellow Gophers, even when moving around. I was recently on campus for the Jewell Robinson dinner, where I saw many familiar faces. I also co-hosted the Gophers in the City DC event this summer, connecting me with old and new friends.

In what ways does your Goucher experience still influence or impact your work today?

One of the greatest skills I gained at Goucher was how to write properly. English is my third language, and I needed a lot of work on my writing skills. Skills that were developed at Goucher helped me immensely in graduate school and a literature review job. I was also taught to be a leader and a critical thinker at Goucher, something I continue to build on throughout the years. At Goucher, I was encouraged to be authentic. I continue to stay true to my values and use my voice to derive change in my work.

How do you think your Goucher education equipped you with skills that are still relevant in our rapidly changing world today?

Although I developed technical skills in the classroom that contribute to my current work, some of the core lessons I learned at Goucher were those dealing with critical thinking and developing a set of lenses that enable me to view the world from unique perspectives. These skills allow me to be agile in this ever-changing world and field.