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Residence hall finds a new home

Photo-illustration by Rob Ferrell and Sarah Palmer

In one of the fastest building relocations to ever take place on a college campus, Goucher will move Froelicher Hall this summer. “The innovative project highlights the college’s emphasis on environmental sustainability and historic preservation, while also underscoring fiscal responsibility,” said Dr. José Antonio Bowen, Goucher College President. “By reusing the building materials and preserving nearly seven decades of Froelicher memories for alumnae/i, the move will allow the next generation of Goucher students to continue in a shared experience.” Goucher will relocate Froelicher Hall to a new campus location that will strategically create a residential community space between the new first-year village and Mary Fisher residence halls. Alcock, Gallagher, and Tuttle houses will each be moved over a three-week span, with one building moved each week 500’ across campus to its new foundation. Moving the buildings, which each weigh in excess of 1,000 tons and measure 37’ wide by 102’ long by 35’ tall, will be an engineering marvel.

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