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Goucher’s Parent Council

Parents play a vital role not just in their student’s success, but also in Goucher’s success through their philanthropy and volunteerism. With more than one hundred Parent Council members, we asked Lillian Klein P ’19, director of parent engagement, about parent programs and volunteer opportunities.

How can families get involved at Goucher?
There are a number of ways for families to get involved with the college, and the good news is that many volunteer activities can be done by phone or email. Whether they live near campus or across the country, there is an opportunity for parents interested in supporting Goucher.

What are Goucher Parent Ambassadors?
Our ambassadors are those parents who love to share their Goucher story and connect with current and prospective parents. They help at events for admitted students in the spring, host send-offs and make welcome calls to incoming families in the summer, and volunteer at both Parent Orientation and Family Weekend in the fall. They may also host various events for parents in their homes throughout the year.

What are Career Development Volunteers?
If parents have insight that they can share with Goucher students interested in a particular career field, the Career Development Office welcomes their expertise. Our parent volunteers participate in Facebook Live sessions, Friday coffee chats on campus, mock interviews, and more. We are always building the Goucher network of individuals willing to open doors to our current students and graduates. Parents can be an invaluable resource for guidance and opportunities.

What about fundraising?
We encourage all current parents to give to Goucher and parent fundraising volunteers are actively involved in helping achieve this goal of giving to the Parent Fund. Gifts to this fund enrich campus life for our students, and enthusiastic volunteers do peer-to-peer fundraising through personal calls and letters to encourage participation.

What piece of advice would you give to Goucher families?
The best way you can help your student adjust to college life is to offer what you’ve always offered: love, support, understanding, and encouragement as they navigate the joys and challenges of the college experience. Keep in mind that this is the appropriate time to take a step back as they transition to full adulthood. Just like when we taught our kids to ride a bicycle, you have to let them go…at least a little, otherwise they won’t learn how to do and account for themselves.

While four years sounds like a long time, it’s amazing how quickly this time will fly. As the mother of two recent college graduates, and a junior here at Goucher, my best advice is to take a deep breath, appreciate how far you and your child have come (a little parental self-congratulation is in order!), and enjoy watching them grow and bloom as they navigate their exciting, and ultimately rewarding, Goucher experience.

For more information about Goucher’s Parent Council, including online interest forms, please visit www.goucher.edu/parentcouncil

Lillian can also be reached at (410) 769-5089 or lillian.klein@goucher.edu.