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Introducing the 2022 Kratz Center Summer Writing Fellows

Photo of Kratz Summer Writing Fellows

Each year, the Kratz Center for Creative Writing at Goucher College offers summer writing fellowships that range from $2,000 to $4,000. The fellowships can fund a writing-related internship; attendance at a summer conference or workshop; or worthy projects that involve travel or research connected to a work of creative writing. The Kratz Center is pleased to welcome the following new Summer Writing Fellows (in alphabetical order):

Josiah Acosta-Ballard will travel to small towns in Georgia as research for his short fiction project, which focuses on students interacting in small-school environments.

Nicolas Aliquo will tour historical estates around the New England area as research for a fantasy novel, which takes place almost entirely in a Victorian-style mansion.

Ellison Butterfield will travel to San José Del Pacífico and Oaxaca de Juárez in Mexico to create a chapbook exploring angels (and other names for celestial guidance and protection).

Jamie Damm will travel to Ireland and Northern Ireland to write a collection of poems focusing on how Catholic identity and sexuality intersect with personal Irish heritage and culture.

Adele Ehrman will visit various mental health facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region to create a collection of nonfiction essays regarding the field.

Grace Fischbach will travel to her ancestral village in Sweden to explore her heritage and family through a series of chronological poems.

Ethan Keydel will travel to Mexico City to create a poetry collection informed by local religious lifestyles.

Rachel Leeds will take inspiration from Greyhound bus traveling to write a multi-perspective novella that gradually descends into surrealism.

Robert Ritchie Maldonado will undertake a grand tour of Europe to support the completion of his novel in progress, Unbroken.

Madison Mattison will produce a collection of short stories about the evolution of a young couple in 1980s Washington, DC.


(Photo at top): Front row, from left to right: Jess McKinney (2021 winner), Grace Fischbach, Ellison Butterfield, Adele Ehrman, Jamie Damm. Back row, from left to right: Madison Mattison, Josiah Acosta-Ballard, Sam Stashower ’21, Nicolas Aliquo, Ethan Keydel. Not pictured: Robert Ritchie Maldonado, Rachel Leeds

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