Sharifa Brooks-Smith-Lowe

¡Hola! My name is Sharifa and I’m a senior majoring in Sociology and Anthropology with a Public Health minor. I am from the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada and this is my second year living in the Language House. For my language requirement I decided to study Spanish and fell in love with the language all over again. Though it is not my major or minor I wanted to invest time into my Spanish practice and so I applied to live in the Language House. I also studied abroad in Spain!.

Living in the Language House has not only been a fruitful environment to continue to learn and practice Spanish outside of the classroom but I also get to engage in different cultural activities. This makes my acquisition of the language more holistic. I particularly enjoy the cooking events!

Additionally, as an International student, living here has been a safe haven, a place where many cultures can feel comfortable to share and celebrate with each other. You don’t just have to go to events that are centered on the language you study or know! Just among my roommates and myself multiple languages are spoken or being learned: Russian, French, Spanish, Grenadian Creole and of course English.

The Language house is a multicultural space that encourages you to practice a language in informal and fun ways and also engage with other cultures and languages.