photo Nate LH blogMy name is Nate and I am a French and Spanish double major at Goucher, Class of 2018. My experience of living in the Language House during my first two semesters at Goucher has been phenomenal. The community of students and teachers in the Language House is so much richer than that of a normal dorm, because everyone on the floor shares a common global interest. The result is a collection of individuals who often times are fluent in at least two languages, and sometimes many more. There are students in the Language House who have grown up speaking a language other than English, as well as students such as myself who have dedicated their studies to foreign languages and cultures. It is also a perfect environment for students to share and compare their abroad experiences with one another. Beyond the diverse community that the Language House offers, there is also an amazing opportunity to improve daily conversational skills. As oppose to the academically focused language skills practice in class, here students can take advantage of an atmosphere that allows daily conversational skills to develop. Every week there is a meal at the dining hall across from the Language House where students sit and eat while speaking a designated language. For me, these meals have been incredibly helpful in helping me to polish Nate et Elizamy conversation skills outside of the classroom. In addition to the weekly Language Tables, there are also various activities planned throughout each semester. These can range from watching movies in a foreign language, to cooking a dish that is specific to a given culture, to watching live programming on television from another country. The Language House is an amazing community that can provide countless opportunities to students that wouldn’t otherwise be available in regular housing. I would suggest it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in foreign languages and cultures.picture Nate réduite