Jane and Aliza

Jane and Aliza are roommates in one of the Language House apartments.photo Jane et Aliza

Hi! My name is Jane. I love living in the Language House! We have two awesome professors that host fun events where we get to practice our language skills and learn about different cultures. Some of the events involve making/eating food which is always fun! By living in the language house I get to meet other people with similar interests. When I found out about the Language House, I knew I had to apply. Jeanne and Maite are a blast to have around and make the events fun for students!

Jane and AlizaHi! I’m Aliza. Living in the language house is a blast! Contrary to what I thought as a first year student, you are not obligated to talk in your language of study 24/7. Instead, as a language house resident you get special invites to fun events like karaoke nights, crêpe making parties, and fabulous guest-speakers. It’s also so great living among open-minded people who share your enthusiasm for languages and learning about different cultures, not to mention the summer savior that is air-conditioning. I would highly recommended applying to the language house to anyone with even the slightest interest; it really is a great deal of fun!

Jane and Aliza apartment