Adding/Using a Permalink

Permalinks vs. URLs

A permalink is a web address that will consistently point to a specific information source such as an ebook, an article, a record in the catalog, a video, or a database.

A permalink may also be called a stable link, durable link, persistent link, permanent link or document link, depending on the resource.

Web addresses (URLs) that appear in the address bar of your web browser when browsing the internet may not be stable. This means URLs may not work in the future but a permalink should always work.

How do I find permalinks?

Most research databases include a permalink in the article record.  The terms used and the location of these links in the record vary from one database to another.

The icon typically looks like:m ,or the word Permalink.

Adding Permalinks to GoucherLearn

To add a permalink to GoucherLearn:

  1. Go to the course you would like to add the link to.
  2. Click “Turn editing on”
    Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.51.02 PM
  3. Go to the section of the course where you want the link, click “Add an activity or resource”.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.51.28 PM
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and select “URL”. Click “Add”.
  5. Enter a name for your link in the box next to “Name”.
  6. Copy your permalink from the webpage you would like to share and paste it into the box next to “External URL”.