Course Format

  1. To change the course format, go to “Edit Settings” in the Administrative block.
  2. Scroll down to “Course Format.” Here, you can choose the format, number of sections, hidden sections, and the course layout.
  3. Under “Course format,” you can choose between Folder View, Topics, Flexpage, Single Activity, Social or Weekly Formats.  Most users use either Folder View or Topics.

What is Folder View?

  • Course topics are organized into folders that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on them. It is ideally suited for courses with a lot of content because topics at the bottom of the course outline are more easily seen.
  • This view also makes editing easier for instructors because editing choices appear as single links at the top of the page (versus options appearing in every topic area).

How do I enable Folder View in my course?

Quick Answer: From the Settings Panel, go to “Course administration”, “Edit settings”, “Course format“, change the “Format” setting to Folder View, and then save changes.