GoucherLearn and Cloud Storage for Tablet Users

These directions are for faculty who wish to access files using a tablet. Tablets use cloud storage for saving and editing documents. Although there are several cloud services available on the web, GoucherLearn only uses Dropbox and OneDrive. If you do not currently have one of these accounts, you can sign up for a DropBox account at https://www.dropbox.com/login or a OneDrive account at https://signup.live.com. Once you have an account, these directions will guide you in uploading files from your cloud storage onto GoucherLearn.

Saving a GoucherLearn file to DropBox or OneDrive

  1. Navigate to your course in GoucherLearn.iPad_OpenWith
  2. Select the file you want to save.
  3. Click the document so the words “Open in ‘Adobe Reader'” and “Open in…” show up in the top right corner.
  4. Select “Open in..” and Click “Open in Dropbox” or “Open in OneDrive”
  •  If you wish to change the name of the file, change the name under where it says FILE.
  • If the name of the file is what you want, Click Save.


Retrieving a DropBox or OneDrive file and uploading to Goucher Learn (on iPad)

  1. Navigate to your course in GoucherLearn.
  2. Turn Editing on and Select “Add an activity or resource”.
  3. Select the type of file you want to upload.
  4. Under the Content Tab, Click “Add”
  5. When the File Picker window appears, select “DropBox” or “OneDrive
  6. Log on to Dropbox or OneDrive and select “Allow” on the next screen.
  7. Select the document you want to upload and Hit “Select this file”.