Adding feedback to assignments

As an instructor, it may be in your interest to give your students feedback on their papers.  In GoucherLearn, you can do this by typing your comments or by uploading feedback files to an assignment submission activity.  The instructions below explain the steps necessary in order to give feedback to students on assignments.

OPTION 1: Type In Grading Comments

  1. Navigate to your course and select the assignment.  Click here for instructions on how to add an assignment to your course.
  2. Click View/grade all submissions.
  3. Choose a student to grade and click the “Edit” dropdown under the Edit column. Select Update grade from the pop-up menu.
  4. Type your comments in the “Feedback comments” box.  Add grades if you wish.
  5. Select Save and show next at the bottom of the page to move to the next student; select Save changes to return to the assignment.

OPTION 2: Use the Annotate PDF Tool

The Annotate PDF Tool lets instructors provide grading feedback with annotated comments directly inside of GoucherLearn. Currently this annotation method only works with PDF files submitted through an “Assignment” activity.

  1. Add an Assignment to your course outline (click here for details)
  2. Direct students to upload only PDF files
  3. When ready to grade, go to the course outline > click on the name of the assignment > select “View/grade all submissions” link
  4. Click inside the “Grade” box for each student
  5. At the bottom of the grading form, click the link “Launch PDF editor…”


Use the tools at the top of the screen to add notes (click and drag), add shapes, or add stamps. To edit one of your annotations, click the arrow tool and then click the annotation you wish to change.

Moodle has published a very quick and helpful Youtube video on PDF Annotation which can be accessed HERE. 

OPTION 3: Upload a File With Your Comments

***Before you begin, make sure to enable feedback files in the assignment.  Go to your course > Turn Editing On > select “Edit Settings” from the drop-down menu > make sure the checkbox for “Feedback files” is checked in the “Feedback types” section.

  1. Navigate to your course and select the assignment you’d like to work with.  Click here for instructions on how to add an assignment to your course
  2. Click View/grade all submissions.  
  3. You will notice that there are checkboxes next to each student’s name.  Click one of the checkboxes and open the “With selected…” drop-down menu under the names.
  4. Choose Send feedback files and click Go.  You can then drag-and-drop or upload your feedback file into the file picker area.