Using Groups for a Forum

The Advanced Forum has features that enable students to discuss forum topics in assigned groups.

1. On your course page, turn editing on.

2. Click Add a Activity or Resource.  Select Advanced Forum from the options listed in the pop-up window.  Click Add at the bottom of the window.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.48.23 PM

3. Fill in the required sections (name & description).

4.  To adjust the group settings in the forum, click the Groups Mode drop-down menu in the “Common Module Settings” category.  There are three options—

No groups: There are no sub-groups; each student can see what every other student posts.

Separate groups: Each group can only see their own group; others are invisible.

Visible groups: Each group works within their own group, but can also see other groups.

Select the option that works best for you > select Save and display at the bottom of the page.  You’ll be taken to the forum page.

5.  In the upper-right corner of the forum page, there is a drop-down menu that allows the professor to filter their views/posts to one group only or to all students at once.


Email if you have any questions.