There are two email options in GoucherLearn: the news forum or the QuickMail block.

Option 1: The News Forum (From instructor to entire class)

To email and announcement to the entire class, use the News Forum located in the top section of the Course Outline. This option also allows for attachments.

  • The News Forum only allows Instructors to send messages.
  • Any posts added to this forum are automatically saved in the New Forum for future reference, and are emailed to all students within 30 minutes of saving.
  • Instructors will not receive a read-receipt to their own email when using the News Forum.EmailCapture1

Option 2: QuickMail (From students or instructors to one or many Participants)

Quickmail is installed as a block at the top left side of the course. It is available for both Instructors and Students to email one or more participants in the class. Attachments and an option for a read-receipt are also included.


If you’d like a detailed step-by-step tutorial on using email in GoucherLearn, we encourage you to watch this video (link will open in a new window or tab).