Editing The Course Page


The Turn Editing On button is located in the upper-right corner of your course page, right under the alert badges.
Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.29.36 PM


2.  Make Changes To Individual Items

A) Click “Edit” underneath the area or topic you wish to edit. For further details on how to edit a subject title. For more information on how to edit title subjects click here


B) Use the Edit menu next to an individual course item


3.  Add Content 

You can add a file by dragging it into the correct topic area. Other types of content or activities can be added using the “Add an activity or resource” button. (Note: There are several guides available for adding various types of content such as files, folders, pictures, or even adding a Twitter Feed. These guides are listed on the Faculty page of this site.)


Editing Entire Topic Sections

When editing it turned on (see above) changes can also be made to whole topic sections using special icons found (mostly) under the “Edit” menu for the section.


Each icon has a specific task.

addAdd: The add icon allows you to add a resource to the topic, such as a file, a link to a website, a quiz, an assignment upload, or a wiki.

lightbulbLight Bulb: This icon allows you to highlight a specific topic. Click this icon in the topic you wish to highlight, and the background color of that topic will turn gray, indicating to your students that it is the topic on which you want them to focus.

eyeEye: Clicking the eye icon makes that topic temporarily invisible to students. This is useful for topics which you have not yet finished editing. The eye will shut when the topic is invisible. To make it visible, click the eye again. It will open, indicating that the topic is now visible.

dragdropDrag and Drop: The crosshair icon located on the upper left part of each topic is used to move an entire topic up and down on the course page.


If you’d like to watch a detailed tutorial about editing your course, (Video Coming Soon)