Add a Quiz

The Quiz activity module allows the instructor to design and set quizzes with a variety of Question types such as multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions. These questions are stored in a course Question bank and can be re-used within courses. The quiz activity module also allows students to have repeated attempts at a question or retake quizzes multiple times.

Step 1: From your course homepage, click Turn editing on on the top right hand side of your page.


Step 2: Once you turn editing on, Click the “+” sign to the bottom right.   This is the Add an Activity Button.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.52.23 AM

 Step 3: Select Quiz under Activities.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.53.15 AM

Step 4: Adjust quiz settings

Enter a name and any other desired settings. Below is a description of setting sections.

General: Type an instruction for the quiz.
Timing: Allows the instructor to adjust the starting date and time for the quiz, the end time, the duration of the quiz (leave it blank if you want no time limit) and how long students must wait before taking the quiz again.
Grade: This option allows you to choose which score is recorded when multiple attempts of a quiz are enabled.
Layout: Layout allows you to choose how often there is a new page and the navigation method. Free navigation allows students to skip ahead or go back to previous pages. Sequential navigations forces students to progress through the quiz in order without the ability to go backwards or skip ahead.
Question Behavior: Enables the quiz to shuffle through questions and how the questions behave. “How the questions behave” refers to when students see whether they answered a question correctly or not. Also, there is an option to “Allow redo within an attempt” which allows students to redo particular questions without having to retake the entire quiz. There is also an option for each attempt of the quiz to build on the last which shows results from previous attempts in new attempts.
Review Options: This controls what information a student will see when they see a quiz.
Appearance: Gives the option to show users’ pictures and the option to change the number of decimal places in overall or question grades.
Extra restrictions on attempts: Enables the instructor to open the quiz in a new window without the forward and back buttons, address bar, or other navigation. This prevents students from navigating to other sites during the quiz. Also enables the instructor to set a password that students must use to enter the quiz and allows the instructor to set a delay period between attempts.
Overall Feedback: The Grade boundary and feedback box allows the instructor to set the text that students will see when they have completed the quiz. You can set a feedback message for certain grade outcomes.
Legacy outcomes: Gives option to successfully apply scales.
Common Module Settings: Enables the instructor to set up a group mode for a quiz.
Restrict access: Blocks users. 

Step 5: When you have completed adjusting your quiz settings select the Save and display button.


 Step 6: To add questions to your quiz, click Edit Quiz.


Step 7: Click Add a Question. A list  will then appear showing you the different types of questions you can add.  Descriptions of the types of questions will be shown on the right.


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Follow the prompts to set question options. For detailed information about different questions types and their options, see