What Are Master Courses?

If you teach multiple sections of the same class, you can send a request to the CTLT to create a master course.  A master course combines student enrollments for the individual sections (called “child” courses”) so you only have to worry about posting material in one place. When completed, instructors will see another course in their course list with the word “Master” added to the title. For example, if combining sections 001 and 002 of “The Study of Chocolate”, a third course will be created called “The Study of Chocolate Master”. The individual sections will still be there, but enrollment for these sections will be combined into the new Master course.

Master Courses combine enrollment from multiple courses into one, allowing instructors to use one course site to share the same materials between classes. Once all the classes to be combined are available to you in GoucherLearn, request a master course using our online request form. This form should also be used to request an existing master course be rolled over into a new semester.

Master Course Image

What We Need

If you’d like to request a master course for multiple sections, please fill out our master course request form.  A tech will be in contact within 24 hours of your request.

Quick Tip

  • If sections are being taught by different instructors, we ask that all parties are aware of the creation of a master course.  Please copy all instructors in your emails regarding the master course.