Good Faith Effort Form

As stated in the Goucher College Academic Catalogue:

"All students are expected to fulfill Goucher's requirements for graduation, which include writing proficiency and specified courses in mathematics, science, foreign language, and general liberal arts. The curriculum represents Goucher's definition of a sound liberal arts education, and students with disabilities are expected to make a good-faith effort to complete the requirements. Students who cannot complete a particular requirement due to a documented disability may petition for an appropriate substitution to be determined by the associate dean for undergraduate studies with the assistance of the disabilities specialist."

To demonstrate a "good faith effort," a student is expected to attend class on a regular basis, complete assignments, and use supplemental instruction offered at the college Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). If the student is having difficulty in the course, the student should contact the disabilities specialist in a timely manner. The disabilities specialist will talk to and/or meet with the student and the instructor to suggest individualized strategies for success or to provide an individual student tutor if needed. Under most circumstances, the student is expected to make these efforts for at least half of the course (seven weeks) and/or to have taken at least two major tests in order for a "good faith effort" to be established.

If, despite having made a "good faith effort" in a particular course as described above, a student with documented disabilities believes that he or she cannot succeed in the course, the student may choose to withdraw prior to the withdrawal deadline (i.e. the end of the tenth week of the semester). In the event of withdrawal, the disabilities specialist, in consultation with the instructor, will determine whether a "good faith effort" has been made. If so, the disabilities specialist will document that determination according to college procedures, and the student must complete the particular course or graduation requirement by petitioning the associate dean for undergraduate studies to substitute an appropriate course or courses. The disabilities specialist will help the student determine the substitute course(s) and complete the petition.

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