Fellowship Application
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FAFSA for next academic year needs to be completed and is required for the Eleanor Voss Fellowship and Flora E Langdon Fellowship.

Contact Information

Mailing address


Attach a resume that includes the following information. Please contact career@goucher.edu for help with resume writing.

  • All educational experience – List all post-secondary education, including the institution that you may be attending presently with current GPA.
  • Research activities – publications, master’s or other theses, special investigations, etc.
  • Honors
  • Extracurricular activities in college
  • Employment – including significant volunteer experience.
  • Foreign language study – language and years of study
  • Foreign travel experience
  • Career objectives
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Goucher Transcript Acknowledgement and FERPA

I acknowledge that the Goucher Fellowship Committee has permission to access my Goucher College transcript. *
1. Name of 1st Recommender 2. Email of 1st Recommender 3. Name of 2nd Recommender 4. Email of 2nd Recommender
FERPA - Under the provisions of the Family Educational and Privacy Act: *

Graduate or Professional School Plans

If yes, please enter: 1. Name of current graduate school 2. Field of study
If you are applying to study abroad, in which country do you wish to study? Schools that you have applied to: School Name 1 Program of Study Accepted? (Y/N/Unknown) School Name 2 Program of Study Accepted? (Y/N/Unknown)

Course Study Information

In approximately 200-500 words, please describe your planned course of study, including a discussion of why you are pursuing this field of study, and how these studies will contribute to your future career plans. If you are currently applying to graduate programs, you may use all or part of your Statement of Purpose from those applications. If your graduate studies are already underway, please include some reflection on your experience in the program so far.
Provide an estimate of the costs involved, and likely funding sources, for your course of study. If you have been accepted to, or are currently attending, a graduate or professional school, please include as much detail as you can about your budget (including tuition as well as the costs of all expenses and supplies that are required for your course of study) and the amounts of any other scholarships or stipends that you have already been awarded.

If you are applying for scholarship or fellowships other than those administered by Goucher College, including graduate institutions or PhD programs, provide the information below:

Please notify the Office of the Vice President and Academic Dean if you receive any awards or grants from Non-Goucher sources prior or subsequent to any award you receive from Goucher. Goucher College reserves the right to modify its own award if outside aid is substantial.

1. Award Name 2. Award Type 3. Duration 4. Amount 5. Other pertinent details