Goucher College Digital Library

Getting Started

How do I?

Search for an item

1. Locate “Advanced Search” in the top right corner of your screen.

Advanced search



2. Click inside the light blue box next to “Advanced Search” in order to place your cursor and begin typing.

3. Type what you would like to search for (e.g. Goucher, Downtown campus, basketball).

advanced search 2



4. Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard. (See instructions for “View an Item” if you require assistance viewing the item you have searched for.)

5. To perform a search within the results, click the “within results” options in the search box.

within results with circle

6. To perform a new search, select “new search.”

new search

7. Type another word or phrase you would like to search for.

Narrow your search

1. After you have completed your initial search, locate the “Narrow your search by:” box on the left side of the screen.  Please note that the search terms listed below are only for the Goucher College Archival Photograph Collection.  Search terms will vary by collection.

narrow search





2. Click “Format” if you would like to narrow your search by photograph type.





3. Click “Subject” if you would like to narrow your search by only displaying a specific subject.







4. Click “Creator” if you would like to narrow your search by photographer.






View an item

1. Locate the item you would like to view.

2. Click on the small picture, or “thumbnail,” to view the item.

thumbnai with circlel





Move to the next item

1. Once you have opened an item, look in the upper right hand corner of your screen for a right arrow in a box.






2. Click the right facing arrow to move forward to the next item.

nextwith circle





3. Click the left facing arrow to return to the previous item.

previous with circle





Move to the next page in a document



1. Beneath and to the right of the document title, look for a “Next” button.

pdf next and previous





2. Click the “Next” button to advance to the next page.

pdf next with circle






3. Click the “Previous” button to return to the previous page.

pdf previous with circle





Search for a word or phrase within a document


1. Locate the magnifying glass image in the upper left above your selected document.  Please note that the functionality of this feature will vary with your browser’s pdf viewer.

2. Click the magnifying glass.

text 2 with circle








3. Enter your search term in the “Find” box.  Please note that this may only search the current page of the pdf displayed and not the entire document.

text search pdf











4. To search the entire document (if not the default) it is recommended to download the item to your personal device and use Control+F to locate the desired text.




Download an item

1. Locate the blue “Download” button on the right side of your screen.





2. Click the “Download” button.

3. Select “All (PDF)” if you are downloading a text-based document. Select “medium (500×500) max if you are downloading a photograph. (Note: the download options may differ depending on whether you are using Mac or PC, as well as based on what web browser you are using. If you are having trouble, please contact the Digital Library staff.)

download 2




4. Select either “open” or “save” when prompted. “Open” will open the document on your computer once. “Save” will keep the document on your computer and allow you to access it whenever you wish.

Print a document

1. Locate and click the blue “Print” button on the right side of your screen (adjacent to “Download” button).


2. To print the entire document, select “All.”






3. To print only the page you are currently viewing, select “This page.”

4. To print a portion of the document, select “Subset,” then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

View a yearbook

1. On the Digital Library homepage, select “Browse Media Type.”






2. Select “Yearbooks.”

yearbook 2






3. Locate the yearbook you wish to view by scrolling up and down the screen. To advance to the next page in order to see more years, click the “Next” button on the right side at the top and bottom of the screen.

yearbook 3 with circle




4. Once you have discovered the year you wish to view, click the image of the yearbook’s cover or the blue text which reads “Donnybrook Fair YYYY” to open.


yearbook 4 with circle

Contact the Digital Library with any questions
To contact the digital library, you can e-mail Kristen Welzenbach