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Affinity Celebration Months on the Goucher College Campus

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Affinity Celebration Month programming at Goucher features an array of ways—educational, cultural, political, activist, and social—to explore identities. We feature speakers and leaders, present diverse media, and support student-led events during these special months.


Affinity Celebration Months are meant to honor the lived experiences of historically underserved groups and celebrate the close community built right here on the Goucher campus.

Current Affinity Months Celebrated

Currently, Goucher celebrates four Affinity Celebration Months:

  • Black History Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Goucher Pride Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month

Throughout the 2022-2023 academic year, Goucher celebrated affinity months on campus, from Hispanic Heritage Month in September and October to Black History Month in February to Pride Month in April. More than 20 events, lectures, and gatherings were held during affinity months.

If any member of our campus community has ideas for other themed Affinity Celebration Months, please email inclusivity@goucher.edu.

How Affinity Celebration Months are Planned at Goucher

Planning Affinity Celebration Months is a cross-departmental effort, and faculty, staff, and students all work together to produce and promote these meaningful, educational, and entertaining events. Our DEIJ Coordinating Committee tracks and ensures proper support for Goucher Affinity Celebration Months. In some cases, we are fortunate to have generous donors assist with covering the costs of the events.

All Affinity Celebration Month events, as they are planned, can be found on our Goucher events calendar, and are promoted via weekly emails to campus every Monday, slides on screens across campus, social media, and in some cases, posters.

Examples of Recent Affinity Celebration Month Events

During September and October 2023, Goucher celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with many educational and enjoyable events, including an author talk, alumni panel, Salsa Night, Hispanic Heritage Month marketplace, movie presentation, and Piñata making workshop.

Black History Month 2023 also featured several compelling educational events, including talks, lectures, music and dance performances, the annual Jewell Robinson Dinner, which honors Goucher’s Black and African American Alumni, a National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Tabling event, and more.

For more information about Affinity Celebration Months, please our Affinity Celebration Months web page.