Nov 12, 2009



Without compassion there can be no cultural sustainability:


Oct 27, 2009

Art & The Public Purpose


For all those interested in cultural sustainability and the place of culture in the public policy of the United States, I recommend you take a look at and help endorse Art and the Public Purpose. For a very nice comment on this framework by co-author Arlene Goldbard (who incidently helped advise Goucher on our program), see her essay in the Community Arts Network Reading Room.

Don’t forget to sign the petition and to share this statement with your friends and colleagues!

Oct 20, 2009

Local knowledge, the commons, and economics


An interesting post from Tierneylab at the NY Times on the Non-Tragedy of the Commons. A quote from the piece, which shares the work of recent Nobel Prize Recipient in Economics Elinor Ostrom:

International donors and nongovernmental organizations, as well as national governments and charities, have often acted, under the banner of environmental conservation, in a way that has unwittingly destroyed the very social capital — shared relationship, norms, knowledge and understanding — that has been used by resource users to sustain the productivity of natural capital over the ages.

Oct 17, 2009

Sustainability and academic publishing


This is a very compelling essay by Jason Baird Jackson on the troublesome dynamics of corporate control of academic publishing:

Priniciples of sustainability, diversity, access, equity, local control are at work here. At Goucher we are building a program that uses open source tools, and that is committed to the unfettered flow of helpful, voluntarily shared information.

Oct 16, 2009

Cultural Sustainability at AFS


Goucher College will host a catered information session lunch on the Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Boise Idaho from 12:15-1:30 on Thursday October 22. We will share information about the Goucher program and have a chance to further discuss cultural sustainability and its relationship to folklore. First come, first served.

Also, if you are in Boise, don’t miss Rory Turner’s presentation on the Goucher program at 8:00 AM Oct. 22 or the panel on Cultural Sustainability Saturday Oct. 24 at 10:15 featuring Goucher Advisory Board members Peggy Bulgar, and Jeff Todd Titon and faculty member Jon Lohman.

Sep 29, 2009

Lomax collection to be returned to Haiti


Important work in the area of cultural equity:
ACE’s Haiti Repatriation and Cultural Preservation Project was selected as an outstanding project of the Clinton Global Initiative in Haiti, sponsored by the Green Family Foundation, a humanitarian agency based in Miami and operating in Haiti, and a partner of the CGI.

The project brings to light the recordings Alan Lomax made in Haiti for The Library of Congress from 1936 to 1937. Over the last ten years ACE, in collaboration with the Magic Shop in New York City and staff at the American Folklife Center, has had the recordings digitally transferred, restored, and denoised in order to return them to the Haitian people.

read more here

Sep 24, 2009

Khogzhumchu Tuvan Throat singers at Goucher


Have you ever heard of Xoomei, also known as throat singing or overtone singing? Imagine that one person is playing a didgeridoo while one or two others are singing melodic tones. Now imagine that all of these sounds are being sung by one person at the same time! This unique musical tradition originates from and reflects the vast Central Asian steppes of Tuva, where the sounds of xoomei could travel over many miles.

Goucher College will be graced with a performance by Khogzhumchu, a new and flourishing quartet of throat singers on their first tour of America. Formed in 2007 and led by the accomplished Andrey Mongush, this post-Soviet generation of Tuvan musicians has already appeared before the Dalai Lama in India at the first Annual Festival of Buddhist Culture of Russia and Mongolia as well as performed at the Ocean of Compassion ethno-rock festival in Moscow.

Come listen and learn about Khogzhumchu and Tuva in the Hyman Auditorium of the Athenaeum on Monday, October 5th at 8:00 pm. Also free and open to the public, at 4:00 pm October 5th, Khogzhumchu will be sharing their tradition in a workshop format in Goucher College’s Heubeck Multipurpose Room.

This visit to Goucher is sponsored by the Goucher College Live Music House; the Departments of Music, Peace Studies, and Sociology/Anthropology; and the Cultural Sustainability Program.

Khogzhumchu’s tour would not have been possible without the support of the Open World Cultural Leaders Program and National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA).

Sep 22, 2009

Listening Across Difference


Smithsonian staff and colleagues are invited to attend (in person or online) “Listening Across Differences,” a presentation by Martha Norkunas at the S. Dillon Ripley Center’s lecture hall on Friday, September 25, at 10 am. Dr. Norkunas is a professor in the Public History Program at Middle Tennessee State University. She works with schools, museums, historic sites, and nonprofit institutions on projects that document the lives of African Americans, women, and people in the labor movement. Her recent work includes the African American Oral History Project and Interpreting the Texas Past. For more information, see and

The event will be web cast live and then made available for viewing after the program date at

This program is part of an occasional series hosted jointly by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies and the Smithsonian Heritage Months Steering Committee. The series features colleagues doing innovative work in the fields of community outreach and heritage. For further information please contact Philippa Rappoport at

Sep 20, 2009

Information Session 9/23


Come to our information session on 9/23 from 5-7 pm in the Rosenberg Gallery here on Goucher’s campus. Meet faculty and program staff, speak with other prospective students, and get a feeling for our campus.
We hope you will join us for a informal and fun gathering to meet the faculty and staff of Goucher’s Masters in Cultural Sustainability program!

WHEN: September 23rd, 2009, 5-7pm

WHAT: Information session for the Masters’ in Cultural Sustainability   – wine, light snacks, and sodas (and great conversation!)

WHERE: Rosenberg Gallery on the campus of Goucher College in Towson, MD

Click here for directions to Goucher.

Click here for a campus map.
Rosenberg Gallery (3c on the campus map) is located in the Dorsey Center.  Parking is available on the main campus parking lot (V – visitor parking).  Take the second left past the gatehouse (7 on the campus map).

RSVP now to or call 800-697-4646 to let us know you’re coming.

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!

Sep 3, 2009

New Virginia Folklife Radio Series


A note that Jon Lohman asked me to share:

I wanted to let you all know about a new series of short radio pieces we’ve started producing here at the Virginia Folklife Program. They’re called “Folklife Fieldnotes,” and they are short features (roughly 3 minutes and 40 seconds to fit in little slots during regional airings of All Things Considered or Morning Edition). The idea is to draw from about 10 years of field recordings, and to help them see the light of day (or whatever the radio equivalent of that might be!)

If any of you have connections with public radio in your area, perhaps you’d like to pass them along. They are mostly featuring folks in Virginia, but not exclusively. We are currently planning on putting out one per month.

You can check it out on our link:


Jon Lohman



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