Using Skype For Video Conferencing

Skype is a great way to host a video conference with outside instructors and others that can bring additional insight to your classes and/or meetings. Skype can also be used to enhance interviews and strategic planning with outside resources. The free version of Skype is what should be used when considering using this advantageous tool (i.e. not Skype for Business). 
All classrooms/meeting spaces at Goucher can host Skype interviews. All Skype needs is a computer/laptop with a built-in webcam and/or a USB webcam, audio system (whether internal or external) and some sort of display, which all classrooms have. From a functionality standpoint, rooms that contain an HDMI laptop connection would be the best option, considering they have the most current connection type for laptops (and also an HDMI adapter ring for devices without HDMI) and have better projection systems. Please use this blog and the content located under the “Buildings” tab to locate these rooms. 
Additionally, instructors and other personnel reserving rooms for this purpose should bring a USB webcam with them and not rely on a webcam being present in the reserved room. 
Moreover, if you’re using Skype for the first time you should always give yourself a trial run before your class/meeting/event. Please make sure your login information is correct, you have the correct Skype address of the person you are talking to and that you are familiar with the few controls that Skype has. Moreover, be sure you have a VGA to Thunderbolt adapter if you’re using a room that does not have an HDMI laptop connection. Lastly, a quick search on Google or YouTube yields a ton of results on Skype tutorials and basic use of the free version of Skype (i.e. not Skype for Business).
If you have additional questions, please contact or call 410-337-6322 to speak with someone during normal business hours. In addition, these resources can be used to check out a USB webcam, (which should be returned promptly after use) and/or obtain a VGA to Thunderbolt adapter, prior to your scheduled class/meeting.