Center Pair Exploration (CPE) Courses

What are Center Pair Exploration courses, or CPEs?  

CPE courses are a part of the new Goucher Common Requirements for incoming students. These classes will replace traditional LERs with interdisciplinary, inquiry-based courses where students will engage in collaborative project work around real world problems.

Each CPE course will take shape around a specific problem space, which will evolve and develop throughout the semester in response to student curiosity. With a provided foundation of disciplinary methodologies and frameworks, student projects will begin in the first weeks of the course. For the rest of semester, the classroom will serve as a platform for collaborative inquiry into the complexities of topics, including how to skillfully identify a problem, how to meaningfully ask questions about a problem, and how to learn, across disciplines, what one needs to know in order to engage the problem in sophisticated ways.

A working group met through Spring 2017 to put together CPE Course Guidelines. Please look these over and inquire with CAST Director Robin Cresiski about support for building a CPE course! One mechanism of support is an annual CPE Summer Institute to help faculty build these courses from scratch. See the program and resources for 2017 the CPE Summer Institute here .