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Jesse Holland M.F.A. ’12 Named 2017 Marguerite Barland ’60 Merit Award Recipient

Bestselling author, Associated Press correspondent, and alumnus trustee Jesse J. Holland M.F.A. ’12 has been selected as the recipient of this year’s Marguerite Barland ’60 Merit Award. A graduate of the M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction program in the Welch Center for Graduate Studies, Holland was chosen both for his service to the college and his many accomplishments as a leading black journalist and author. He will be honored at the college’s annual Jewell Robinson dinner on February 24, 2017. Read about the life and work of Jesse J. Holland.

More about the Marguerite Barland ’60 Merit Award.

Day 2 Review and Start of Day 3!

Yesterday was our first day of rip-rollicking adventure that started out in Towson at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t end until last night, or technically this morning around 1 or 2 a.m. outside of Mechanicsburg, PA.  Needless to say, today we are definitely going to refine our napping-in-the-car techniques.

We began by taking the D.C. Metro into the heart of the Capitol to meet Jesse Holland MFA ’12.  In front of the steps of the Supreme Court we discussed his work with The Associated Press, the role that the Goucher MFA in Creative Nonfiction has played in refining his writing style, and why he chose Goucher for his graduate degree.

Due to the nature of his journalistic background, Jesse helped us enormously with some of the minutiae that we ran into during our first “Goucher Insider” interview—such as our camera over-heating and trying to keep Jesse from sweating to death in the sun.  Among all of the wonderful advice and soundbites that Jesse offered, one that really struck a chord with us (and reminded us of a certain Wizarding school): “Goucher will always be there for me when I need it, and I always plan to be there for Goucher when they need me.”   A clip of our interview with him will be up shortly.

Afterwards, a cab swept up Jesse to his next rendezvous and we were left to contemplate what to do with the rest of our time in DC. Thanks to a friend of Joey’s, we went from sitting on the steps outside the Supreme Court to meandering through the Supreme Court library, walking behind the benches of the Justices, and seeing the “highest court in the land” a.k.a. the basketball court that is on the top floor of the Court!  On our way out, we also ran into Wendy Belzer Litzke, Goucher’s VP for Government and Community Relations, as she was waiting for a cab—talk about a small world!

After jetting back on the Metro and dealing with some technical difficulties from our GPS, which we’ve dubbed Winifred Oprah, we joined Margaret-Ann Radford-Wedemeyer, Assistant VP for Development and Alumnae/i Affairs, and three of her friends at a Vietnamese–French fusion restaurant near Fairfax, VA.  After a delicious meal and a blaring fire alarm, we traveled to the home of Rachel Bond ’12 and her parents, John and Shelley, for a send-off.  The Fairfax send-off was smaller in scale than its Baltimore counterpart, but the students and parents were just as warm, friendly, and excited about Goucher as their peers in Maryland.  We had a lively discussion about the food on campus, what to pack for freshman year, the first-year trials and tribulations of living in a triple, and much more.  The night was capped by a delicious Goucher cake provided by the Bond family and warm goodbyes.

Fairfax 2016 Send-off!

Today, we’re about to load up with some coffee and double-check that we haven’t forgotten any of our stuff before meeting with Mike Capuzzo in northern PA.  Mike is a Pulitzer-nominated author and Goucher ’11 MFA grad with extensive experience in the literary world.   He is also author of the New York Times best-seller, The Murder Room.  We can’t wait to meet him later today (and maybe get an autograph)!