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Elizabeth Depta ’15

ElizabethDeptaHeadshot1smallerName: Elizabeth Depta

Class: 2015

Hometown: Randolph, New Jersey

Major: Special Education & Psychology

Interests: I love musical theatre, and I could spend days reading if someone let me! My favorite Broadway show is Wicked and one of my favorite authors would have to be Jodi Piccoult. Animals also mean a lot to me—I’ve had many pets ranging from cats to hermit crabs.

Involvement on Campus: Ambassadors; Community Assistant; Supplemental Instructor; Yoga Club; Pizzazz musical theater club; Hillel; and Read-A-Story/Write-A-Story, which brings Goucher students into Baltimore city schools for after-school programming

Why I love Goucher: Everyone here is incredibly friendly, caring, and interesting. People who are attracted to Goucher want to travel, be a part of a community, and make a change! I wanted a liberal arts education so I could take classes from different departments and explore my diverse interests. Goucher allows students from all majors and programs to work together.

Ambitions: I would love to open my own theatre! I’ve been running a musical theatre program for children for the past five years and would love to pick it back up again. I would also love to incorporate my passion for kids with disabilities, creating a new program. Until then, maybe I will teach or volunteer in a foreign country for a few years.