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Just for Kicks

pick up game

President José Bowen (far left) and others play in pick-up soccer game.

In the midst of World Cup mania, Goucher President José Antonio Bowen recently challenged faculty, staff, and students to a pick-up soccer game. Sudden, heavy rain almost forced a rescheduling, but the storm clouds parted as quickly as they appeared, and the skies were sunny for the entire game.

Which was good, since Bowen, who officially became college president on July 1, couldn’t wait to get on the field.

“I’m used to three days of soccer a week,” said Bowen as he lined soccer balls up. “I’d like to have a regular, weekly game. Anyone who wants to come play, can. No slide tackles, no shin guards, just fun.”

Players were quickly split into two teams: White shirts and black shirts, and the game was on. The white shirts quickly took the lead; despite great effort, the black shirts remained on the defensive for most of the game.

Nonetheless, it was all in good fun. “I’m just here to play some football,” said Christian Ribeiro ’15, a black shirt. “I love the game, that’s all.” Even the spectators enjoyed the friendly competition. “I’m not too much into sports, but I like the antics of a good soccer game,” said Erin Collins ’16, who was watching from the sidelines.

Bowen seemed thrilled with the crowd’s spirit. “Just look how many people have shown up,” he said, extending his arms. “It’s great.”

– Ke’Aun Charles ’15