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What is Goucher Pride? – A Reflection

I always thought that having pride in your school meant going to sporting events and wearing your school colors.  This is evident at large universities across the country, but this overwhelming athletic culture does not exist at Goucher.  After speaking to Geoff Miller, Goucher’s Athletic Director, and Andy Nielsen, a former Goucher Lacrosse Player, I learned that athletics at Goucher come after two things:  1)  Being the best student you can be.  2)  Being the best person you can be.

So if sports are not a source of tremendous pride at Goucher, what is?  This trip has helped me find that answer.

Goucher is a unique place that considers every member of the community as family.  Whether you are an incoming student who hasn’t bought their books yet or an Alumnae/i who graduated over 60 years ago, you are a member of this huge, loving family.  A family bond is stronger than any other.  Family is there through the ups and downs of life.  Romaine Williams ’78 met with us a few days ago and left each of us with a long hug and a promise.  She asked us to call if we need advice and asked us to call if something great happens to us.  She promised that she would always make time to talk to each and everyone of us.

At Send-Off Parties, the Vagabonds team would welcome new students, their parents, and siblings into the Goucher family and told them that the connections they are about to make are unlike any other.

I take pride in being able to say that I have a Goucher family.  A family that will always be there for to support me through rough times and celebrate my successes.  Goucher Pride is unique, just like the students who go there.

This has been an absolutely remarkable trip and I look forward to keeping in touch with Alums that I have had the privilege of meeting.  I also look forward to continuing to serve as a mentor and a friendly face for incoming students.  I could not have asked for a more memorable two weeks.

With honor and much Goucher pride,

Eli Kaufman ’15