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The Most Useful Degree

I have always loved Goucher and always known about its unique and powerful impact on a student’s life. My grandmother majored in biology at Goucher, only to run a women’s clothing store for the majority of her life. Similarly, my aunt studied chemistry, and now she works in Nashville as Director of the JCC. I’ve always had the perception that a college degree can get you somewhere, but a Goucher degree can get you anywhere.

This trip has proven that nothing has changed. The student body comes and goes at Goucher, creating new worlds within four-year periods. Clubs change, buildings change, the individuals change, but the big picture never really has. We come to this place to explore everything and everyone; we come together to comprehend anything and learn to work with anyone. The variety of careers I’ve seen through our alums and the variety of interests I see in our incoming students really speaks to the diversity of Goucher.

We spoke to doctors, lawyers, researchers, teachers, coaches, writers, and even a federal judge, and we spoke to others yet to be determined. Needless to say, the last few weeks have been an exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly rewarding time in my life. I’m so happy that I could share the experience, and I hope that everyone in the Goucher family takes advantage of our resources. They can get you anywhere!

– Maring