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Reflecting From Home

I am back at home in New Jersey after a full and wonderful two weeks of traveling and shaking hands with Goucher family, new and old. Although the trip has come to a close, my work as a Vagabond will certainly continue… after I get a full eight hours of sleep of course! I fell in love with Goucher the moment I stepped foot onto campus (why else would I have signed up to spend two weeks of my summer talking about it?!). This opportunity proved to be much more than anticipated – bringing forth a deeper, more immense feeling of pride and connection to both my school and my Goucher family. For the past two weeks, the Vagabonds have asked both alum and incoming students what the term “Goucher for life” means to them. This morning at the train station, I ran into Nancy Gertner ’72, currently on Goucher Hillel’s board of directors and was later approached by a gentleman who told me his grandmother, Sue Hammer ’58, still gushes about her Goucher experience. On the road, the interpretation of the term was different for everyone, but it was evident to me through each person we had the pleasure to meet, that Goucher truly is for life.

See you on campus,

-Dana Ehrentreu ’16