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The Halfway Point

I currently sit in a unique spot.  As a rising Junior, I am as close to the end of my undergraduate experience at Goucher as I am to the beginning.  We have passed the half-way point of this trip, and I have begun to reflect on my time at Goucher and what is still to come.  On this trip we have spent time speaking to incoming students and we offer advice and suggestions for a smooth transition to college.

We also spend much time reaching out to alumnae/i and we listen to their stories as they recall their own Goucher memories.  One thing Goucher students, both new and old, have in common are connections.  As a first-year student, you must participate in the Connections program, which consists of about 10 classes that meet on Tuesday nights for about 2 hours.  The goal of the program is to teach financial literacy and alcohol education, to show students the resources available to them on campus as well as how to adapt to college.  This program is essential to Goucher because it guides new students through the first-year experience.

Alumnae/i also have connections.  While these do not take place in a classroom, they are still just as important and help create a network that can serve all parties involved.  We have all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know.  It’s WHO you know”.  That is what alumnae/i have to focus on. Just as Goucher has prepared students with the course during their first year, it has also helped facilitate contacts between alums with the Goucher Professional Network (GPN) on LinkedIn.  These serve as resources for those Goucher relationships that are so helpful for Goucher alumnae/i.

At this halfway point, I have to remember the connections that I learned as a new Goucher student and I have to grow my own network to help me in the future.

With much Goucher Pride,

Eli Kaufman ’15