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Give My Regards to Goucher

Today, the Vagabonds had the opportunity to meet with Goucher alumnus Michael Crowley from the MAAA (Masters in Arts and Art Administration) program. We got a behind-the-scenes look at auditioning, casting, and advertising/marketing for Broadway and the film industry! Michael recounted his days as a performer and discussed the MAAA program’s benefits for people who want to work as a leader in a non-profit theatre business. As a theatre geek myself, it was exciting to hear about the work he does and have a professional’s feedback on my own goals of opening a theatre. Michael’s work was very inspirational to me, and after having run my own musical theatre camp for the past 5 years, I was happy to hear I wouldn’t be the first person to work toward my dream in the theatre business later in my academic career!



Feeling star struck,