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Representing Goucher

In the elevator, in restaurants, and on the road, people have stopped and asked us about who we are.  Our van is not subtle and our ever-present Goucher gear raises a few eyebrows, so the questions are understandable.  When people ask these questions, we always happily answer.  As the 2013 Goucher Vagabonds team, we are honored to take on the responsibility of spreading Goucher’s good name.  To many folks that we encounter, this is their first impression of Goucher College, and we make it our job to help maintain our school’s admirable public reputation.  People that have heard of Goucher approach us to find out what we are doing here in New England.  The “Vagabonds” program provides alum and  incoming students (and lets not forget about us, the Vagabonds!) with a wonderful opportunity. This trip has allowed us to become ambassadors for our school which we all know, love, and support.

Keep on rollin!

The 2013 Vagabonds Team,

Dana, Eli, Elizabeth, and Maring

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  1. What a cool program! Glad you’re spreading the word about the college.