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The Road Ahead: young alumnae/i discuss the post-grad career transition

(From left): Traci Martin, Katie Shaw ’10, Morris Johnson ’11, Billie Weiss ’11, Nenelwa Tomi ’11, Victoria Adinolfi ’12, Ben Snyder ’13

As part of the programming for this year’s Family Weekend, several recent graduates agreed to share their stories about the successes and challenges of finding that first job out of college. Last Saturday, October 6, current students and their families gathered in the Batza Room of the Athenaeum to listen to the panel discussion “Alumnae/i Connections and Success Stories.” To many current students listening, especially those about to graduate in the spring, it served as a timely learning opportunity.

Traci Martin, Director of the Career Development Office, moderated the panel. She started things off sharing that one of the most frequent questions students and parents always ask her is “What do Goucher students do after graduation?” For the next hour, Morris Johnson ’11, Katie Shaw ’10, Ben Snyder ’13, Nenelwa Tomi ’11, Billie Weiss ’11, and Victoria Adinolfi ‘12 explored possible answers to that question.

Katie Shaw ’10, Morris Johnson ’11

A few themes quickly emerged.  The panelists all agreed that as young alumnae/i, it is important to be open-minded about the opportunities that present themselves. No opportunity is too small, and you never know where it might lead. Ex. Victoria Adinolfi ’12 accepted a sales associate position at the sportswear store, Athleta, after graduation.  As a business major, her 5-year goal includes working on the corporate level, and accordingly, in a few months she has already been promoted to management.

Panelists also stressed the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with professors, staff, and friends-of-friends for networking purposes.  Nenelwa Tomi ’11, who now works as an admissions counselor at Goucher, reminded everyone that the accessibility of Goucher faculty and staff members does not have to end after graduation.

Perhaps the most prominent message from Saturday– whether it’s about gaining confidence, finding meaningful contacts, or learning to think critically, these young graduates agreed that Goucher prepared them well for their positions. Katie Shaw ’10, who now works as a private school educator, assured the panel audience, “Don’t be worried about the title of your degree. You will learn the skills you need at Goucher to be successful.”

By Maria Susarchick ’13