Download training guides and brochures here to learn more about various computer programs and equipment available at Goucher College in the Center for Teaching Learning and Technology.

Access 2007 Forms (Adobe Acrobat (pdf))

Access 2007 Tables & Relationships (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Access Reports 2007 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Acrobat_GUIDE(revised) (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Basic Picture Editing Brochure (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Blackboard Basics 2009 [Adobe Acrobat (pdf)]

Customizing Your Email Outlook 2007 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Digital Camera Guidelines_v2010 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Dreamweaver CS4 for Assignments Mar10version Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Excel 2007 Getting Started (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Excel 2007 Charting (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Excel Calculations 2010 – Updated (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Interactive Forms v2009

MacBasics v2010 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Mail Merge Word 2007 Ver 4-2008 Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Office Collaboration_v2008 Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Outlook Calendar 2010 Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Notes 2007 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Photoshop_Introduction (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Photoshop IIver2010 Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Photoshop Guide IIIver2010 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

PivotTable Basics 2007 booklet form (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

PowerPoint 2007 Basics (revised 2010) Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

PowerPoint 2007 II Templates Charts Graphs Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Powerpoint – Mac (revised) Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Publisher 2007 (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Quick View of AudioBoo (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Word Business Documents 2007 Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])

Word 2007 Formatting Techniques Ver. 11-2009 Course Guide (Adobe Acrobat [pdf])