Consider signing up for one of the spring 2017 Storytelling-Themed Academic Courses:

ANT 280 Special Topics in Anthropology: Ethnography and Storytelling (Turner)
ARH 249 The History and Methods of Art History (Oettinger)
ARH 382 Envisioning Apocalypse: Narrating the Shape of Things to Come (Husch)
ART 203/COM 203 Intermediate Photography (Burns)
COM 225 Media & the Environment (Kimball)
COM 245 Film Theory and History II (San Filippo)
COM 325/WS 325 Women and Film (San Filippo)
COM 360 Advanced Video Production (Marcus)
DAN 395 The Politics of Performance (Shaheed)
ENG 114 Mystery and Detective Fiction (Marchand, 7 weeks)
ENG 202/WRT 202 Short Story Writing (Poliakoff-Chen)
ENG 212 Humans, Nature, and Human Nature in British Poetry (Wells)
ENG 265 The English Novel, from Austen to Woolf (Wells)
ENG 305 Writing Workshop: Poetry (Spires)
ENG 306 Writing Workshop: Fiction (Bell)
ENG 315 Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing: Fiction (Flann)
ENG 340 Special Topics in English Literature Since 1700: Middlemarch (Wells)
FR 272 Y French Theater ICA (Ingram/Free)
GER 240 Intro to German Literature: Graphic Novels (Krüger)
GER 260/HIS 229/JS 245 History, Literature and Film on the Holocaust (Larkey)
HIS 189 Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways (Dator)
HIS 216 Europe, Classical to 1789 (Corcoran)
HP 270 Life and Labor at Epsom Farm (Sheller)
HIS 242/ENG 242 From Puritan Diaries to Oprah’s Book Club: Readers and Writers in American History (Hale)
HIS 289 Women, Gender, and Empire (Schields)
JS 312/GER 312/PHIL 312 Ethics after Auschwitz (Shuster)
MA 141 Statistical Data Analysis with Environmental Issues in View (Le)
PHL 218 Philosophy of Time (Rose)
PHL 220 Phenomenology (Rose)
PSC 249 Tragedy and Political Theory (Denman)
PCE 335 Future Cities: Speculations, Countermappings, and Narratives of Possibility (Hopper)
PSY 227 Psychology of Women (Grayman)
PSY 235 Cognitive Psychology (McCabe)
RUS 396 20th Century Masterpieces of Russian Literature (Samilenko)
SP 340 Social Criticism Through Written and Visual Texts (Moreno-Lopez)
SPE 100 Special Education: Historical, Philosophical, and Legal Foundations (Adkins)
THE 218 Theatre for Social Change (Curry)
THE 391 Senior Project Workshop Production “The Secret in the Wings” (Campbell)
WRT 107 Creative Screenwriting (U’Ren)
WRT 203 Features Writing for Newspapers and Magazines (Rodricks)
WRT 281 The Rhetoric of Islamophobia (Oweidat)
WRT 281.001 Writing Studies II: Comics, Composition & Creativity
WRT 281.002 Writing Studies II: Writing Harry Potter (Sterling)
WS 300.001 Tellin’ Stories: Black Sexualities as Transgressive Performing Art (Mel Lewis)